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  • 🤖 Roblox announces generative AI tools 👾

🤖 Roblox announces generative AI tools 👾

PLUS: Microsoft puts Bing AI in a timeout 😠

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The NAB team spent part of it adding over 1000 new AI tools to Igniter Chat!

In case you missed our (second) big announcement from last week, Igniter Chat is our AI chatbot for finding AI tools. Here’s a tweet with more info:

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • 😠 Microsoft puts Bing AI in a timeout

  • 👾 Roblox announces generative AI tools

😠 Microsoft puts Bing AI in a timeout

After countless reports of Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot going off the rails during long conversations and responding with factual errors, Microsoft decided to implement new limits to keep conversations from getting "weird."

The new restrictions:

  • The bot will now only reply to up to 5 questions or statements in a row

  • Users will be limited to 50 replies daily

Microsoft plans on using the feedback from this beta period to explore expanding the caps on chat sessions.

Microsoft’s motto: Ship first, apologize later.

Read more: CNET

👾 Roblox announces generative AI tools

Roblox is developing generative AI tools to make game development more accessible for developers on its platform. These tools include a tool for making “generative AI materials from a text prompt” and a tool for generative AI to complete code.

Roblox is also considering moderation and economic systems to ensure safety and fairness for AI creators.

Generative AI's full impact on game creation is uncertain, with some benefits but also worries about job elimination, and the tools have not yet been released.

Read more: The Verge

🗞️ Byte size: AI article summaries

Disclaimer: AI is (partially) used to summarize these articles.

ChatGPT creator Sam Altman says the world may not be 'that far away from potentially scary' AI and feels 'regulation will be critical' [Business Insider] - Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, has warned that the world may not be far away from potentially scary AI and believes regulating it will be critical. He highlighted the recent unnerving responses from Microsoft's AI-powered Bing and suggested that society needs time to adapt to AI, as well as for institutions to figure out how to regulate it. Elon Musk has also expressed his support for regulating AI in order to ensure its safety.

ChatGPT is less than a year old, but one expert says this A.I. model is 'peaking' [Yahoo Finance] - Douglas Rushkoff, an author and professor of media theory and digital economics at the City University of New York, Queens College, believes that the current generative A.I. models are only the first generation and that future A.I. models will require far less data to learn and will therefore surpass present-day A.I. models. He believes that ChatGPT is peaking and is not likely to get much better, and that other generative A.I. models such as Bing and Google's Bard are still in the testing phase and are not yet reliable.

The AI industrial revolution puts middle-class workers under threat this time [The Guardian] - This text discusses the potential impacts of artificial intelligence on the economy and labor markets, particularly in regards to the potential for middle-class jobs to be replaced by low-paying, dead-end jobs. It also mentions potential solutions such as investing in education and training and exploring ways to spread the gains from the new technology. The article warns that policymakers need to act quickly and with care to address these issues, as AI is already here and is part of the fourth industrial revolution.

How chatbots can change journalism. Or not. [Semafor] - Chatbots such as ChatGPT are not suitable for journalism as they are not fact models or verification models, but are language models that are better suited for tasks involving language. Claude, a chatbot created by Anthropic, was tested on copy editing tasks and performed well. It was also able to create different versions of the same article in the style of different publications. Kevin Roose and Nick Diakopoulus have both suggested that human intervention and checking should be involved in any potential use of chatbots in the newsroom.

ChatGPT helps with obituary [Twitter] - Betsey from Texas used ChatGPT, an AI-powered tool, to help her write an obituary for her late husband. She was amazed to find that it generated several good obituaries with minimal tweaks, making the task of writing her husband's obituary much easier.

🔥 Trending tools & resources (powered by Igniter.ai)

  • Scribble Diffusion (link) - Scribble something, describe what you’re scribbling, and get a cleaned up image.

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  • Gling - Automated video editing for YouTubers

  • Flowrite - Flowrite writes your daily emails and messages for you.

  • WebChatGPT - Augment ChatGPT prompts with relevant results from the web. Chrome extension.

  • Evoke - Run open source AI models on the cloud with an API

  • Simple Phones - Never miss a call from a customer.

  • PromptAI - Interface directly with the OpenAI beta on any iOS or macOS

  • Company AI Competence (Freshly.ai) - Tell if a company is well positioned to take advantage of AI

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