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PLUS: Dell is all in on generative AI

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • 💪 Autoblocks is in Private Beta!

  • 🗣️ Meta Chat

  • 📜 YouTube introduces summaries

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

🤖 Top AI News

💪 Autoblocks is in Private Beta!

Hey Team! Some cool news:

My startup, Autoblocks, is officially in private beta!

Our team is building a unified, enterprise-grade solution that addresses common pain points developers face when working with LLMs.

Here are some situations where Autoblocks can help:

  1. Pain point: It’s difficult to detect changes to outputs & prompt drift.

    💫 Autoblocks: Our testing functionality allows you to feed historical user inputs through entire application pipelines to test changes to outputs (and user outcomes).

  2. Pain point: Diagnosing and debugging issues at scale is difficult because context is scattered across logging, product analytics, and prompting tools.

    💫 Autoblocks: We intuitively group events into user traces that contain all relevant data (like app logs and user events).

  3. Pain point: The large amounts of data generated by LLM applications are challenging to visualize and understand in a traditional logging solution.

    💫 Autoblocks: We enable you to create beautiful dashboards that transform noisy data into actionable insights within seconds.

  4. Pain point: Creating curated datasets for fine-tuning your open-source models is cumbersome and difficult to operationalize.

    💫 Autoblocks: Use our advanced filtering and labeling functionality to whittle down to clean training data in seconds.

  5. Pain point: Other LLM developer tools ding users for not using prescriptive frameworks or GUIs.

    💫 Autoblocks: We are highly flexible and work with any codebase. Use LangChain, LlamaIndex, or write your own chains.

We are pumped to introduce a tool that helps developers debug and monitor their generative AI features.

If you’re building in this space and want to learn more, join our waitlist for regular updates, or hit me up here!

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🗣️ Meta Chat

Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast

Meta continues its dominant AI run by introducing AI-powered chatbots with diverse personas.

These chatbots aren't your typical automated helpers. They come with a range of personalities, from friendly to snarky, that users can choose from to suit their moods and preferences, making interactions more engaging and fun.

Why is Meta doing this? 

  1. It’s a way to boost engagement on the platform

  2. It will allow users to search the platform and receive recommendations

  3. Just to have some fun :)

The potential applications for these chatbots are vast, with Meta envisioning their use in customer support, virtual assistants, and entertainment.

Overall: The release of persona-driven bots marks a significant step in the evolution of chatbots and hints at a more dynamic future for AI-powered interactions online.

And with Meta’s open-source models learning and growing faster than ever, we can expect exciting changes in how we chat and engage with technology.

Do you think this chatbot will be successful, or will it be similar to Snap’s My AI Bot?

Meta's Chatbot or Snap's MyAI?

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📜 YouTube introduces summaries

Credit: FireflyAI|Dexerto

Ever wanted to read a short blurb about a YouTube video that caught your eye?

Honestly, me neither.

But YouTube continues to cater to our unexpected latent needs by experimenting with auto-generated video summaries.

To enhance user experience, the platform is testing AI algorithms that can automatically create brief, informative summaries of lengthy videos.

This feature could impact:

  • Creators: attract more viewers by giving users a quick summary. It could also have huge SEO advantages 👀 

  • Viewer: offers convenience, allowing them to digest content more efficiently and explore a wider range of videos in less time.

Overall: While the technology is still in the experimental phase, YouTube's AI-driven approach promises exciting prospects for the future of video consumption. As the platform fine-tunes the algorithms and gathers user feedback, we can expect more efficient and personalized video experiences.

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🤑 AI Fundraising News

Socket lands $20M in Series A funding to help companies keep open-source software up-to-date, secure, and well-maintained

Topline Pro grabs $12M in Series A funding to help small service businesses like general contractors and landscapers manage inbound requests and payments.

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

What else is going on?

  1. Kickstarter requires generative AI projects to disclose additional info

  2. Textbook giant Pearson brings an AI study buddy to its service for Back-to-School Season

  3. There’s no reason to panic over WormGPT

  4. Google is looking to 'supercharge' Assistant with AI

  5. Generative AI services pulled from Apple App Store in China ahead of new regulations

  6. Steg.AI puts deep learning on the job in a clever evolution of watermarking

  7. Dell is all in on generative AI

  8. Instagram seems to be working on labels for posts 'generated by Meta AI.'

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