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PLUS: AI entering the dating pool is a bleak prospect.

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Another day, another SBF scandal - this time, the guy is being accused of pulling the rug on an Alt-coin he launched while using a laptop with limited internet access…

Crypto is wild, friends. I think we’ll stick with AI for now 😏

Let’s dive into it…

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • 📈 Investors not buying the AI hype

  • 📰 Robo-Journalists

  • 🪖 Silicon Valley’s Impact on the AI arms race

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

🤖 Top AI News

📈 Investors not buying the AI hype

Wall Street is placing big bets on the tech rally but isn’t buying much into the AI hype.

According to a recent Bloomberg survey, Investors are bullish on tech stocks:

  • 77% of respondents planning to increase or maintain tech exposure

  • Less than 10% see a bubble bursting.

Plus, the Nasdaq soared over 40% this year.

But while firms like Microsoft and Google charge ahead with AI products to boost efficiency, half the respondents of the poll still aren't willing to pay for AI tools personally.

The promise of AI is real, with practical applications in the early stages. But 64% don't think AI will perform core job aspects in 3 years.

This is evident with Nvidia, a company that has surged in its role in powering AI, with some seeing it become a top 4 firm. Yet, profits remain elusive, and it might take some time before businesses figure out beneficial applications of the technology.

Overview: For now, the AI hype seems ahead of reality, but innovations could drive an economic boom. With tech leading stocks over bonds, investors are betting the rally has room to run - just not counting on AI alone to lead the charge.

Read more: Yahoo Finance

📰 Robo-Journalists

Source: Cointelegraph

News Corp is embracing artificial intelligence in a big way for its hyperlocal news coverage.

How? By producing 3,000 articles a week (!) with the help of generative AI to assist local mastheads in covering topics such as weather, fuel prices, and traffic conditions.

A team of just four people oversees the robot-journalist content, which supplements reporting by human journalists at 75 community papers across Australia.

The exciting part is that the automated local coverage drives serious subscriptions, with 55% of News Corp's subscribers coming for the hyperlocal mastheads.

Easy to see the business incentive behind the AI article push.

Overview: Since ChatGPT came out, many news sources have tried to use AI to mass-produce articles, eventually realizing that they don’t comply with copyrighting laws.

But if a news source covers basic data-driven facts like the weather and fuel prices… that could work, right?

P.S. If this interests you, they are hiring.

Read more: The Guardian

🪖 Silicon Valley’s Impact on the AI arms race

Military expenditure by country (2022, $bn)
Sources: Peter G Peterson Foundation; Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but the US spends more on defense than the next ten countries combined.

And as geopolitical tensions rise between US and China, the US military is racing to evolve its defense strategy from reliance on heavy hardware to investments in disruptive systems like AI.

Lately, AI defense tech startups are changing how the US military gathers and uses intelligence:

  • Palantir provides software that uses AI for surveillance and data analysis to track suspected terrorists to the government

  • PrimerAl analyzes open-source intelligence to deliver insights

  • ShieldAI piloted the first unmanned F-16 fighter jet, a breakthrough for the Air Force

  • Remote sensing startups like BlackSky, Capella, and PlanetLabs use AI and satellites to provide real-time overhead images.

The dilemma: Venture funding in defense tech has doubled to $33bn in 2022, yet Silicon Valley-grown startups still struggle to win many large military contracts from the Pentagon's big established contractors.

As geopolitical tensions rise, it will be interesting to see how the US government responds to the increased demand for military tech innovation.

P.S. If you haven’t, please check out Josh Wolfe’s testimony to Congress here.

Read more: Financial Times

🤑 AI Fundraising News

CorralData Closes a seed funding round of an undisclosed amount to combine human data expertise with AI to make it easier for non-technical teams to analyze and act on their data.

South Korea’s Finda bags $37m Series C funding to continue building a loan comparison platform market with new product offerings such as mortgage loan repayment, deposit and insurance comparison, and brokerage services and to establish an AI fraud transaction detection system.

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

What else is going on?

  1. A worker who uses AI for a $670 monthly side hustle says ChatGPT has 'cut her research time in half.'

  2. Google Ads Introduces an auto-generated advertisement tool using generative AI.

  3. AI entering the dating pool is a bleak prospect.

  4. Op-ed: Gottlieb says A.I. may take on doctors’ roles sooner rather than later.

  5. Shocking skill! AI can predict which employees will quit and when

  6. Hasbro may be eyeing AI for Dungeons & Dragons

  7. What Isaac Asimov’s Robbie teaches about AI and how minds' Work.'

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