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ChatGPT passes Wharton MBA exam

PLUS: Anthropic AI is willing to pay $250-$335k (+ equity) for a Prompt Engineer hire.

Greetings, fellow humans.

This is Not A Bot - the newsletter about AI that was definitely not written by AI. Im Haroon, founder of AI For Anyone, and Ill be sharing with you the latest news, tools, and resources from the AI space.

In today's edition:

  • Prompt engineering is now a career, and it pays well

  • ChatGPT Passed MBA Course at Wharton

  • $42/mo for ChatGPT Professional plan

  • Upcoming Not A Bot Expert Q&A chats

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Prompt engineering is now a career, and it pays well

Prompt engineering is going through a moment.

Scale AI just hired Riley Goodside as their first staff prompt engineer.

Anthropic AI is willing to pay $250-$335k (+ equity) for a prompt engineer hire.

So what exactly is a prompt engineer?

Well, according to Anthropic's job listing, the job of a prompt engineer will be to "figure out the best methods of prompting [their] AI to accomplish a wide range of tasks, then document these methods to build up a library of tools and a set of tutorials that allows others to learn prompt engineering or simply find prompts that would be ideal for them."

Is that salary justified, or is it just a PR stunt?

I'm not entirely sure, but it'll be interesting to see if prompt engineers produce an ROI to match these compensation figures.

ChatGPT Passed MBA Course at Wharton

Ten days ago, we covered ChatGPT (almost) passing the USMLE (medical practitioner exam) and the bar (licensed attorney exam).

Just this past week, Christian Terwiesch, professor of an operations management course at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton (one of the most prestigious business schools in the world) shared that ChatGPT earned a "B to B-" on his course exam.

Professors and deans at top business schools are now discussing the implications of the technology, with some advocating for a top-to-bottom rethink of exam policies, curriculum design, and teaching.

Has there ever been a technology that has so quickly shifted the paradigm of higher education?

Read more: Wharton Research (link) / Financial Times (link)

$42/mo for ChatGPT Professional plan

ChatGPT is now $42/mo for professional users.

What do you get with Professional access?

  • Availability even when demand is high

  • Priority access to new features

  • Faster response speeds

How much faster?

I haven't tested it out myself, but it seems quite a bit faster (judging by this tweet).

Read more: OpenAI Pricing (link)

Upcoming Expert Q&A chats

This week: Zain Kahn (@heykahn) joins us to discuss AI's evolving role in marketing.

Coming soon: Amjad Masad (@amasad), CEO of Replit (@replit), is joining us. Let me know what you'd like me to ask Amjad in this Twitter thread.

Read more: ICYMI: Not A Bot's exclusive Q&A with Mark Cuban (link)

Byte size: Summaries of my favorite AI article

Disclaimer: AI is (partially) used to summarize these articles.

A New City, Built Upon Data, Takes Shape in South Korea [NY Times] - The Eco Delta Smart City project in Busan, South Korea, is one of the world's most ambitious attempts to create a "smart city" from scratch. Fifty-four families have volunteered to live in the city's first phase, the Eco Delta Smart Village, rent-free in exchange for data collected on them, which will assist in the city's development. The project is intended to create a sustainable city with solar and hydropower energy and is being studied by developers, appliance manufacturers, the government, and healthcare experts.

Nvidia Broadcast can now deepfake your eyes to make you look at the camera [The Verge]- Nvidia Broadcast's new "Eye Contact" feature uses AI to simulate the user looking at the camera even if they are looking elsewhere. It is meant for content creators who need to record themselves without having to look at the camera. It has mixed results, with the simulated eye movement sometimes making it look like the eyes are moving too quickly and occasional pop-ins. Other features in the update include a vignette effect, improved Blur, Replacement and Removal of Virtual Background effects, and more.

This 22-year-old is trying to save us from ChatGPT before it changes writing forever [NPR]- Edward Tian, a 22-year-old Princeton student, created an app called GPTZero to combat the misuse of a powerful artificial intelligence tool called ChatGPT. Tian developed the app out of concern for the potential disruption of the education system and to protect human writing from being replaced by AI-generated text.

How to Spot AI-Generated Art, According to Artists [WIRED] - AI art identification is becoming increasingly difficult for the human eye to distinguish from artwork created by humans. Signs of AI art can still be spotted by looking for unusual eye or finger configurations, a lack of logic or intentionality in design, and a lack of experiential basis in understanding what people, trees, or hands are. However, some artists are embracing technology and creating AI collaborative art.

CNET pauses publishing AI-written stories after disclosure controversy [The Verge] - This has been an interesting story to follow. CNET has decided to pause publishing stories generated by artificial intelligence following controversy over a lack of transparency to readers and staff. Red Ventures, which owns CNET, will also pause AI stories on other sites, such as Bankrate and CreditCards(dot)com.

Trending tools

  • Booth.ai (link) - Create pro-quality product photography with AI.

  • ChefGPT (link) - AI-powered recipe recommendations based on your available ingredients.

  • Tiledesk (link) - Design, deploy, and manage chatbots and live chat widgets on multiple channels.

Have cool tools to share? Tweet me at @haroonchoudery if you'd like me to include it in a future issue of Not A Bot.

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