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PLUS: Google Sticks an inconsistent Grammar Check AI in Search

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As the summer draws to a close, here are some things to look forward to in the fall: We have an NFL game every week until February. It’s about to be sweater weather. Plus, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are now closer than ever (no, it’s not tree season just yet… but soon).

It is, however, always going to be AI season.

So let’s dive into some news…

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • 🥸 Zoom wants to… what?

  • 🔍️ Bing - coming to a Chrome near you

  • 📈 AI-driven stock price

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

🤖 Top AI News

🥸 Zoom wants to… what?

Zoom just saved its b*tt in a major way after poorly worded updates to its Terms of Service almost put them in a world of trouble.

Initial changes to the ToS allowed the company to use user data to train AI models without consent, but with a new amendment, Zoom promised not to do that.

As first reported by The Stack Diary, there were two main sections in Zoom’s terms of service that were troublesome:

  • 10.2 says that customers “consent to Zoom’s access, use, collection, creation, modification, distribution, processing, sharing, maintenance, and storage of Service Generated Data” for “any purpose,” including “machine learning or artificial intelligence.”

  • 10.4 says that customers “agree to grant and hereby grant Zoom a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sublicensable, and transferable license” to use their data for things like “product and service development,” machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Looking at this language, the outrage seems justified.

However, Zoom's Chief Product Officer clarified in a blog post that Zoom won't use user data for training models without consent.

The AI features in Zoom's new "Zoom IQ" are optional. Enabling them means agreeing to let Zoom collect data to improve its AI unless you opt out. Phewwww.

Overall: Zoom's history on privacy promises is mixed, including previously misleading customers about offering end-to-end encryption. The updated terms aim to reassure users, but questions remain about using "Service Generated Data" for AI training without allowing users to opt-out.

Read more: Gizmodo | The Verge

🔍️ Bing - coming to a Chrome near you

Big updates coming out of MS.

Microsoft confirmed that its AI chatbot, Bing Chat, will soon be available in third-party browsers like Chrome and Safari.

This move indicates two things:

  • Microsoft is ready to compete on platforms beyond its own.

  • It positions Bing to rival AI features already built into other browsers, like generative search in Chrome.

While Bing Chat will work in users' preferred browsers, Microsoft cautioned that the “best” experience is still in Edge.

In tests, Bing Chat in Chrome was limited to 5 messages per chat instead of 30 in Edge and a 2,000 character count versus 3,000 in Edge.

Overall: Since launching six months ago, Bing Chat has “seen over 1 billion chats and 750 million images created.” Microsoft also celebrated new features like visual search, Dark Mode, and Bing Chat for Enterprise.

Now, with third-party browser support, Bing Chat finally has a shot to become the leader in the generative search space. Do you think they can do it?

What is the GOAT AI search engine?

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Read more: TechCrunch

📈 AI-driven stock price

Source: TipRanks

A number of public companies have benefitted from the rise in popularity of AI.

  • Symbiotic, a warehouse automation company, is up 335.9% YTD

  • Nvidia, a chips manufacturer, is up 217% YTD

Most recently, Palantir, a leading data analytics company, has been making waves with its recent 135% surge in stock price driven by various AI initiatives.

To capitalize on the growing demand for data-driven AI solutions across industries, the company has actively invested in AI technology and expertise, enhancing its ability to process and interpret complex datasets.

This strategic move aligns with the broader trend of businesses seeking advanced analytics tools to gain actionable insights and improve decision-making processes.

Overall: With its AI-focused strategy, Palantir is poised to tap into various sectors, ranging from healthcare and finance to government and beyond.

The company's data-driven solutions are anticipated to drive efficiency and innovation in diverse domains, cementing its position as a transformative player in the tech/AI landscape.

Will be interesting to see what they do next.

Read more: Yahoo Finance

🤑 AI Fundraising News

One Model lands $41M to bring data science-powered insights to HR

Multiplayer raises $3M for AI-based distributed software development

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

What else is going on?

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  2. ‘It’s already way beyond what humans can do’: will AI wipe out architects?

  3. AI, Talent Shortage pose threats to Philippines call centers

  4. How Thomson Reuters is leveraging AI to enhance productivity rather than replace jobs

  5. I had a doctor’s visit powered by A.I. — here’s what it was like

  6. AI-Driven Space Telescopes: A New Era of Astronomical Observations

  7. A new poll reveals what Americans fear about AI taking their jobs

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