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🗞️ Your Weekly Round-Up

1️⃣ Microsoft’s Surface and AI Event: Everything announced from Copilot to Surface Laptop Studio 2

At their highly anticipated event, Microsoft announced many new Surface hardware products and software/AI initiatives. These include:

  • A more powerful Surface Laptop Studio 2.

  • A single Copilot that will be available across Microsoft’s apps and services, including Windows 11, Microsoft 365, and Edge.

  • Bing's new Dall-E 3 generative AI tool that allows users to create and modify new images based on text prompts.

Read more: Gizmodo

2️⃣ Google soups up Gmail and other apps with Bard AI updates

Google added some interesting new features to their Bard AI. These include:

  • Double-Check: Helps users verify the accuracy of information provided by Bard by highlighting sentences that have been corroborated by the internet.

  • Extensions: Allows users to search through their private corpus and receive personalized AI-generated responses.

Read more: Semafor

3️⃣ TikTok now lets creators label AI-generated content

TikTok introduced new labeling tools that allow users to tag posts created or enhanced by AI, including filters and image generators.

Why now? TikTok's recent policy mandates that AI-generated content with realistic elements must be labeled to provide context and prevent the spread of misleading information.

TikTok is also developing its own algorithm to automatically label AI-generated posts in the future, showing its commitment to responsible AI practices.

Read more: Engadget

4️⃣ DeepMind’s new AI can predict genetic diseases

Google's DeepMind has unveiled AlphaMissense, an AI model that can predict the likelihood of genetic mutations causing diseases with 90% accuracy.

Built on DeepMind's AlphaFold model, this technology has the potential to:

  • Accelerate research into rare genetic diseases.

  • Aid in disease diagnosis.

  • Provide valuable insights into genomics.

A big win for the medical research community.

Read more: Wired

5️⃣ Amazon supercharges Alexa with generative AI

Amazon is set to give its Alexa voice assistant a transformative AI upgrade by introducing the Alexa LLM. This advanced model promises to:

  • Enhance Alexa's conversational skills.

  • Deepen its contextual comprehension.

  • Enable on-the-fly routine creation.

  • Facilitate simultaneous responses to multiple requests.

The preview program for the new Alexa will be available in the US in the coming months. While the current version of Alexa will remain free, you may have to spend some $ for the superhuman assistant in the future.

Read more: The Verge

6️⃣ Uber Eats to launch Google-powered chatbot

Uber Eats plans to introduce a chatbot function later this year powered by Google's PaLM 2 LLM.

Its goal is to:

  • Allow users to find restaurant deals and easily reorder favorites on the app.

  • Help users plan meals, find grocery item discounts, and order ingredients from recipes.

By leveraging AI, Uber aims to engage customers more effectively and enhance user experience while increasing conversions, potentially outperforming in-app ads.

Read more: Techcrunch

7️⃣ OpenAI launches a red teaming network to make its models more robust

OpenAI has unveiled the OpenAI Red Teaming Network, a team of experts dedicated to enhancing the robustness of AI models.

Red Teaming (RT) is crucial in identifying biases and potential issues within models like OpenAI's DALL-E 2 and text-based counterparts like ChatGPT and GPT-4.

However, while RT is a well-established practice, some experts advocate for the addition of "violet teaming" as a means to proactively safeguard against potential harm caused by AI systems.

Read more: Techcrunch

8️⃣ YouTube announces new tools to flood its platform with AI-generated slop

YouTube has introduced two innovative creator tools for its Shorts product:

  • Dream Screen: This AI video generator empowers users to effortlessly create background videos or stills by providing a basic text prompt.

  • YouTube Create: A mobile application tailored for amateur videographers, offering streamlined video editing capabilities, including trimming, captioning, voice-over, and more.

Read more: Gizmodo

9️⃣ Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is building an expensive new AI GPU cluster for medical research

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) is investing in developing an extensive AI GPU cluster for medical research, comprising over 1,000 high-performance H100 GPUs.

CZI aims to give researchers access to generative AI to study healthy and diseased cells, enabling a better understanding of disease responses and medication effects through predictive cell simulations.

Read more: The Verge

🔟 SambaNova chip designed to handle 5 trillion parameter model

SambaNova launched the SN40L, its fourth-generation custom AI chip that reduces the cost of running LLMs. The chip is 30x more efficient and requires only eight chips to run a trillion-parameter model like GPT-4.

Read more: Techcrunch

🤑 AI Fundraising News

  • Writer raises $100M in Series B funding to help deliver generative AI to the enterprise.

  • Pryon raises $100M in Series B funding to help enterprises build AI assistants with their data.

  • HiddenLayer raises $50M in Series A funding to bolster defenses of enterprise AI models.

  • Corti raises $60M in Series B funding for its AI ‘copilot’ designed to support healthcare clinicians with real-time patient assessments.

  • Mapbox raises $280M in Series E funding to expand its footprint in the automotive industry and invest in AI location services.

  • Medeloop raises $8M in Seed funding to analyze and integrate health data to expedite the clinical research process and facilitate breakthroughs in research.

  • Spectarium raises $5.34M in Seed funding to develop its first game, Myths, an AI-powered action RPG.

🛠️ AI Tools to Check Out

  • Verble: A free A.I. speechwriting assistant that helps you master the art of verbal persuasion and storytelling. Check them out!

  • Querio: An on-demand data analyst changing how you interact with your data. Querio's intuitive, AI-driven chat interface lets you query and visualize data instantly. Check them out!

  • Glimpse: An AI browser extension that understands any site you visit. Read faster, write better & surf smarter. Check them out!

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