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PLUS: Spotify is Expanding its AI DJ Globally

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Did you know that from 1912 - 1948, competitive Art used to be an Olympic sport?

Picasso vs AI for the Gold Medal match. Who’s winning?

Anyway, let’s dive into some AI news…

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • 🕸️ Web Crawlers

  • 🦺 Red Team Drill

  • Nvidia 🤝 Hugging Face

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

🤖 Top AI News

🕸️ Web Crawlers

OpenAI just launched GPTBot, a web crawler designed to improve AI Models like GPT-4 and GPT-5 (coming soon? 👀 ).

The system essentially crawls through the internet to train and enhance the AI’s capabilities, potentially improving accuracy and safety.

Before you panic, websites can restrict access to the Bot by blocking their IP address or editing their Robot.txt files.

Code to customize ChatBot access to your website

Overall: This seems like an interesting strategy from OpenAI, given the recent barrage of data breaches and lawsuits that have come their way.

The Bot also raises a ton of questions regarding the legality of using scraped web data to train models and begs the question: How ethical is all this?

We all (kinda) knew this day was coming, right?

Do you think this should be allowed?

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🦺 Red Team Drill

We have to give big tech credit for one thing - ever since AI burst into the scene, there has been a serious push to ensure that consumer-facing AI is safe and secure.

And Microsoft’s AI Red Team has been leading the charge.

The basis of AI red teaming is to probe for security vulnerabilities and look for system failures, such as the generation of potentially harmful content.

MS AI Red Team’s mission is simple: to fortify new tech like Bing Chat so it's trustworthy from day one.

Unlike old-school red teaming, AI requires expansive, evolving tactics as systems rapidly change. And with AI expanding everywhere, Microsoft wants to share its defensive playbook so anyone can build responsible, ethical AI.

Overall: These new open-source red teaming tools help security professionals think comprehensively and proactively about how to implement AI.

Hopefully, it will also push for increased safety initiatives for all high-risk AI systems before deployment.

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Nvidia 🤝 Hugging Face

Yesterday, Nvidia and Hugging Face announced their partnership to expand access to AI compute power, allowing the enterprise to create and customize generative AI models.

Here is the tl;dr:

  • The partnership will support Hugging Face's new Training Cluster as a Service powered by Nvidia's DGX Cloud.

  • It will integrate DGX Cloud's advanced AI supercomputing with Hugging Face's platform of 250,000+ models and 50k+ datasets to simplify enterprise AI development.

Overall: As AI becomes popular, collaborations like this democratize access to the compute resources needed to unleash its potential.

Hugging Face also stands to gain significantly, reportedly seeking to raise fresh funding at a $4 billion valuation.

With open source at its core, the startup aims to put AI's future in creators' hands. Together, Nvidia and Hugging Face are expanding the AI revolution from the cloud up.

Plus: Tractica predicts that AI will account for as much as “50% of total public cloud services revenue by 2025.”

It’s a perfect time to be in the space.

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🤑 AI Fundraising News

Flower lands $3.6M in pre-seed funding to decentralize the AI training process, allowing developers to train models on data spread across thousands of devices and locations using federated learning.

Charge flow, which taps AI to fight chargeback fraud, raises $14M in seed funding.

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

What else is going on?

  1. Warner Music CEO on His Approach to AI: Artists Must “Have a Choice

  2. Disney creates a task force to explore AI and cut costs

  3. Stability AI Is Losing Executives, Engineers, and Its Edge

  4. Spotify is Expanding its AI DJ Globally—In English Only

  5. Prosecraft analyzed thousands of novels using AI. Now authors have shut it down.

  6. Catch+Release is building an AI-powered search engine to help brands license user-generated content.

  7. A New AI-Driven Cyberattack Can Steal Your Data Just By Listening to You Type

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