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PLUS: Is Sam Altman trying to build the next TSMC?

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🧑‍💻 The next TSMC?

Chips undeniably serve as the lifeblood of today's AI models, but their financial impact can’t be overstated. 

In the past year alone, major chip manufacturers have seen their stock price rise steeply:

  • Nvidia: 🔼 210% YTD

  • AMD: 🔼 128% YTD

  • Intel: 🔼 60% YTD

Unsurprisingly, Sam Altman doesn’t want to stay on the sidelines and is vying to secure billions for an AI chip venture, aiming to establish a global network of fabrication facilities. 

His goal is two-fold:

  • To establish a network of factories capable of producing cutting-edge chips for advanced AI systems.

  • To challenge competitors like Apple while addressing chip scarcity for AI models like ChatGPT and DALL-E. 

Plus, the opportunity to make absolutely boatloads of money doesn’t hurt either 🤑 

Overall: Altman's vision of creating a fabricator network that addresses the global demand for high-performance chips could reshape the landscape of AI hardware, especially in the US. 

But one can’t help but wonder: Is Altman attempting to build the American equivalent of TSMC?

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🎵 TikTok hits

TikTok has been diving into innovative territory with its rumored "AI Song" feature that allows users to generate songs based on text prompts.

This tool utilizes Bloom, a powerful language model, to craft lyrics that pair with music from TikTok's catalog, allowing creators to customize tunes in genres like pop, EDM, and hip-hop.

How does it work? 

  • A TikTok video by user Jonah Manzano showcased the AI Song feature, prompting users to input topics like "Going to concerts" or "Cuddling with pets." 

  • The AI then incorporated lyrics around the prompts, producing unconventional, text-inspired songs. 

  • Users can also tweak the vibe by choosing different music genres.

I think there’s some serious potential here 👇️ 

  • TikTok has evolved into a hub where music undergoes a litmus test for virality, making widespread popularity the ultimate objective. 

  • Hypothetically, TikTok could refine the model, potentially building a repository of hyper-viral music that incorporates the most captivating elements from various songs to create viral hits.

  • Obviously, for this to work, all the appropriate data would need to be licensed, and permissions would have to be given, but those are concerns to be addressed at a later date 😏 

Overall: While this experimental feature is primarily about enjoyment and creative expression, TikTok remains committed to responsible use. 

The platform has established clear rules against exploiting minors and spreading false information, defamation, impersonation, or harassment, emphasizing its dedication to maintaining a positive and safe environment. 

Read more: TechCrunch

👗 AI fashion

Renowned for its viral dresses, the fashion brand Selkie is grappling with criticism after unveiling that its Valentine's Day collection was crafted using generative AI.

In response to the backlash, Founder Kimberley Gordon stepped forward to defend the use of AI. She asserted that AI is a valuable tool for artists, aiding them in visualizing designs and fostering creativity, particularly when utilized as a "brainstorming tool." 

Despite this defense, Gordon acknowledged the concerns and pledged not to incorporate AI-generated images in upcoming collections. She also advocated for improved AI regulation and proposed compensating artists for their contributions to ensure fair usage.

Overall: Selkie's use of AI not only sparks ethical considerations but also prompts a larger conversation about the role of AI in the world of “art” and questions how technology impacts human creativity.

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Read more: TechCrunch

🤑 AI Fundraising News

  • Cohere is looking to raise $500M to $1B to build large language models that allow AI to learn from new data, which can then be customized and put into applications for features like interactive chat or to generate text.

  • Runnr.ai raises $1.1M / €1M in funding to improve guest experience, reduce workload for hotel staff, and increase revenue per room for hotels by enabling personalized guest communication.

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