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  • 💻️ Supercomputers Whir to Life

💻️ Supercomputers Whir to Life

PLUS: Authors call for AI companies to stop using their work without consent

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • ✍️ AI continues helping journalists

  • 💻️ Supercomputers Whir to Life

  • 🧑‍💻 GitHub’s Copilot available in public beta

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

🤖 Top AI News

✍️ AI continues helping journalists

Big tech seems to be going tit for tat when it comes to AI.

Yesterday, we reported that OpenAI had donated $5M to the American Journalism Project to promote AI projects within newsrooms.

Now, Google has started promoting its new AI tool, Genesis, to news outlets, including the New York Times and Washington Post, claiming it can generate news stories and work alongside journalists.

Google suggests that the AI tool can suggest writing styles or headlines to journalists while insisting that it is not intended to replace the role of journalists.

However, journalists have raised concerns about bias, plagiarism, loss of credibility, and misinformation - common issues with current AI models.

A recent survey conducted by the State of The Media Report questioned 3,100 journalists about “their concerns surrounding AI in newsrooms.” Some results stated:

  • 58% stated that their primary concern was whether the information was accurate

  • 27% said they face a major challenge to remain credible as a “trusted news source.”

  • Regarding concerns about the future of journalism, many stated that they are worried about reducing “bias” and discerning “fact from opinion.”

Despite this, news outlets, including CNET and AP News, have already begun implementing AI in their newsrooms, with several others testing them in the past weeks.

Read more: Gizmodo

💻️ Supercomputers Whir to Life

Andrew Feldman, CEO of Cerebras

We are getting *oh* so close to a proper AI Supercomputer - I can almost see a fully functioning Jarvis in my near future.

Cerebras, a Silicon Valley start-up, unveiled a new supercomputer with specialized chips designed to power AI products.

The chips in each computer are massive - think dinner plates, or 56 times as large as a chip commonly used for AI - each packing the power of hundreds of traditional chips.

Cerebras built the supercomputer for G42, an AI company that plans to use the technology to power AI products for the Middle East.

Overall: Cerebras knows how big the chip market is. Just look at how well Nvidia is doing in the space.

This can be a surefire way for them to crack into an industry with high demand and time the market while it’s hot.


Read more: TNCB

🧑‍💻 GitHub’s Copilot available in public beta

It’s been a while since GitHub announced its Copilot Chat feature.

But now, it is officially available as a limited public beta for enterprise companies and organizations via Microsoft's Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code apps.

Copilot can:

  • Provide real-time guidance

  • Provide coding analysis

  • Troubleshoot for specific coding projects

The chatbot, which can execute complex tasks with simple prompts, is also contextually aware of the code being typed into the editor and any error messages, enabling it to provide relevant support within a developer-specific environment.

The chatbot aims to save developers time and increase productivity, with the potential to enable inexperienced developers to build entire applications or debug vast arrays of code in minutes.

GitHub has also promised more releases in the near future, like bringing the “Hey, GitHub!” voice-to-code interactions to the software development.

But no timeline on that just yet.

Read more: The Verge

🤑 AI Fundraising News

Gushwork.ai raises $2M in pre-seed funding to outsource business tasks to workforces trained in AI.

Portrait Analytics Raises $7M to Support Investment Research by Leveraging Generative AI.

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

What else is going on?

  1. The AI wars might have an armistice deal sooner than expected

  2. Authors call for AI companies to stop using their work without consent

  3. What happened when Nous.co hooked up generative AI to its users’ household bills

  4. Can dltHub solve the Python library problem for AI? Dig Ventures thinks so.

  5. James Cameron says he warned the world of AI’s rise in 1984: “You didn’t listen.”

  6. China’s OpenAI challenger Zhipu AI gets Meituan funding

  7. Microsoft Teams is adding Maybelline’s AI-powered ‘makeup’ filters

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