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We have some exciting news 👀✨

Two exciting pieces of news to share with you!

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Good morning, fellow humans 👋

I know it’s not Wednesday or Friday, but I was so excited to share a couple of big updates with you that it warranted a…..*drumroll*….. special issue .

1) Autoblocks (the startup that acquired Not A Bot) is officially launching today and is live on Product Hunt!

Here’s the elevator pitch: Autoblocks is a full-stack product platform that helps teams quickly iterate on their GenAI products. Its collaborative cloud-based workspace makes it easy to understand user experience, iterate on the product, and ship code changes with confidence.

We’d love your support — show us some love by visiting the Product Hunt post using the button below and hitting Upvote! 🙏 

(It only takes 10 seconds…I promise!)

2) Autoblocks is launching Autoblocks Academy, a repository of educational resources to help you learn how the world's most ambitious AI teams are building with AI.

Click the button below to get early access to resources like:

  • How GenAI Fits into the Product Toolkit,

  • Finding the Right Use Cases for GenAI,

  • How to Build World-Class GenAI Products,

  • And more!

As always, thanks for reading. Have a great day, and see you on Friday! ✌️

— Haroon: (definitely) Not A Bot and @haroonchoudery on Twitter

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