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  • ❄️ Snowflake-Nvidia dream team

❄️ Snowflake-Nvidia dream team

PLUS: Oracle spending 'billions' on Nvidia chips this year

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • ❄️ Snowflake-Nvidia dream team

  • 🖥️ New York Is Buying a Supercomputer

  • 💊 AI-made drug starts human trials

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

🤖 Top AI News

❄️ Snowflake-Nvidia dream team

Snowflake's business plan is quite genius.

First, they built up a repository of unstructured data in the cloud.

Then, they acquired companies like Neeva and Streamlit to make searching and building apps easier on said unstructured data.

Now, they have struck a partnership with Nvidia to create a container service that allows clients to run generative AI applications using Snowflake's stored data.

With the new service, clients will not have to move their enterprise data to external applications, and software providing broader instance flexibility can be accessed through Snowflake.

Overall, the collaboration between Snowflake and NVIDIA seeks to bridge the gap between data infrastructure and powerful AI processing, simplifying the development and deployment of generative AI applications.

The partnership's goal is to empower developers with the tools and technologies necessary to unlock the potential of generative AI, allowing for innovation and advancing the capabilities of AI-driven systems.

Read more: TechCrunch

🖥️ New York Is Buying a Supercomputer

There is an inextricable connection between knowledge and experience:

Knowledge emphasizes theory and the obtainment of information and ideas. Experience stresses practice, or the application of knowledge over a prolonged period, to understand a subject matter.

And given the rapid advancements in AI, it looks like New York's Department of Financial Services agrees.

NYFS plans to acquire a supercomputer to better regulate and comprehend AI technology while purchasing hardware and hiring skilled personnel to operate the AI systems.

How? The regulator aims to leverage data analytics to predict and respond to marketplace events, using a data-driven approach to public benefit.

Acquiring a supercomputer enables the state to process vast amounts of data in real-time, facilitating the identification of trends, patterns, and anomalies in financial transactions.

NYFS hopes to gain deeper insights into market dynamics, risk factors, and potential market abuses, using the supercomputer to help them swiftly tackle issues and implement appropriate measures to mitigate risks in the financial ecosystem.

Read more: Yahoo Finance

💊 AI-made drug starts human trials

AI drugs are here!

Well, almost.

Insilico Medicine's AI-made drug, aimed at treating chronic lung disease, has successfully completed its phase 1 trials and will now be tested on 60 people.

While traditionally developed drugs can take years to develop, Insilico's AI platform can develop drugs in a matter of months, potentially revolutionizing the pharmaceutical industry.

By leveraging AI algorithms, researchers were able to efficiently analyze vast amounts of data, identify potential drug candidates, and optimize their properties.

The drug's entry into human trials suggests that it has shown sufficient safety and efficacy profiles in preclinical studies, raising hopes for its potential benefits in treating specific diseases or conditions.

Thoughts: Investors think that AI-designed pharmaceuticals could be a $50 billion industry, but we still have some ways to go before it can be reliable. (CC. IBM's Watson supercomputer fiasco + AI-pharma company Sensyne Health.)

Read more: Semafor

🤑 AI Fundraising News

Gleamer raises a $29.5M Series B round to further develop its AI software for radiologists.

AvoMD closes $5M seed round for AI-enabled app development platform.

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

What else is going on?

  1. Oracle spending 'billions' on Nvidia chips this year

  2. Microsoft is already offering a generative AI certification program

  3. The Vatican Releases Its Own AI Ethics Handbook

  4. Slang taps AI to answer phone calls for brick-and-mortar businesses

  5. The terrifying new AI scam

  6. OpenAI’s ChatGPT app can now search the web — but only via Bing

  7. This E-Bike With Built-In ChatGPT Is the Epitome of Overblown AI Hype

  8. Vertical AI: The next logical iteration of vertical SaaS

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