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Google is slowly launching SGE capabilities to more users, the FT released a new chatbot trained on over 130 years of articles, and Emad Mostaque resigned as CEO of Stability AI to pursue decentralized AI…

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🔍️ SGE is here

Google is increasingly focusing on AI search as they slowly and quietly expand their Search Generative Experience (SGE) to more users.

What does this look like? Some users are noticing colorful AI-generated text pop-ups with summarized "answers" appearing under the search bar, even when they didn't request it. It's like having a Google chatbot automatically replying to your questions.

It's a minor test on "a subset of queries" and "a small percentage of US traffic,” but it still provides an early glimpse into Google's AI search vision that was hinted at last year.

The idea is that SGE provides a helpful AI-powered "snapshot" of key info for complex queries that need synthesizing results from across the web.

Nevertheless, earlier tests found the unrequested AI assistance somewhat "off-putting," complicating the standard search results.

By expanding the trial to non-opt-in users, Google seems eager to get wider feedback on whether everyday searchers find the AI companions useful or just plain annoying.

In short, don't be surprised if your next Google search turns into an unexpected chat 🗣️

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🗣️ Ask FT

The Financial Times is diving into the AI chatbot craze by launching an "Ask FT" bot - trained exclusively on the outlet's own decades of published articles and analysis.

Unlike generalized AI assistants that scour the entire internet, Ask FT provides curated, trustworthy answers derived from the FT's authoritative archives dating back over 130 years.

Subscribers can now inquire about anything the FT has covered - from major current events to broader topics and company histories - and receive a brief, citation-backed summary instantly.

For now, the AI assistant powered by Anthropic's Claude model is limited to a few hundred subscribers in the professional tier. But the FT is closely monitoring performance and feedback as it explores making Ask FT more widely available.

Overall: While OpenAI is trying to secure licensing deals with companies like the NY Times, the FT's decision to release its own bot is smart.

It allows them to keep all their data in-house and use it for a purpose they can easily supervise.

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In a surprising twist, Emad Mostaque resigned as the CEO of Stability AI - the startup behind the popular Stable Diffusion AI model. 

His reason? To "pursue decentralized AI."

Mostaque's sudden departure occurs during significant turbulence at the GenAI company, including the recent departure of three of the five researchers responsible for Stable Diffusion's core technology.

Stability AI has tapped COO Shan Shan Wong and CTO Christian Laforte as interim Co-CEOs while it searches for a permanent replacement to lead its monetization efforts and "industry-leading" AI product development.

Overall: Mostaque's resignation underscores a growing philosophical divide in the rapidly expanding AI startup industry.

While firms like Stability AI and Anthropic seek profitable business models, others, like Mostaque, appear motivated by the goal of democratizing AI access and development.

Read more: The Verge

🤑 AI Fundraising News

  • Rithmik Solutions raises $2M in funding to develop Asset Health Analyzer (AHA™), which enables early detection of equipment issues, aids in maintenance planning, and offers insights for operational improvements, allowing mines to prioritize sustainability and operational excellence.

  • Ainn Layer2 raises an undisclosed amount to support its decentralized Bitcoin Layer2 network project designed for large-scale AI applications. The funding will enhance technology, bolster global operations, and further develop the ecosystem.

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

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