🚀 Pi launches Inflection-1

PLUS: Amazon’s vision: An AI model for everything

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Happy Monday, fellow humans. 👋

Yesterday was the last day of Glastonbury Festival, which ended with Lewis Capaldi losing his voice on stage. In a beautiful show of humanity, the crowd sang along, helping him complete his final song of the set.

Sometimes, I love humans… a little more than AI.

Let’s dive into it…

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • 🗣️ YouTube is testing an AI-powered dub tool

  • 🔭 Amazon’s vision: An AI model for everything

  • 🚀 Pi launches Inflection-1

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

🤖 Top AI News

🗣️ YouTube is testing an AI-powered dub tool

Here’s a fun fact you may not know: Only ~ 6% of the world’s population are native English speakers, and 75% don’t speak English at all.

That’s a massive untapped market for creators who only create content in English.

To help with that, YouTube is working on an AI-powered multi-language dubbing tool for creators in partnership with AI dubbing company Aloud.

The tool works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Transcribes the video's audio

  2. Allows the users to edit the text

  3. Creates AI voiceover dubbing for the video.

YouTube has already been testing the tool with hundreds of creators with some success.

However, the tool has limitations - for now, it only supports English-language videos and dubs into Spanish and Portuguese. But given the pace of Google/YT’s innovation, that shouldn’t be an issue for much longer.

Mr.Beast is about to go more viral than ever before.

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Amazon’s vision: An AI model for everything

One of Apple’s greatest strategic moves was creating the App Store.

Why? Because instead of making the games themselves, they created a marketplace for game creators to access millions of people worldwide. And take a decent % of the profits.

Amazon is looking to do the same thing with AI. Their long-term strategy involves creating a single, easy-to-use point of entry for companies and startups to access both open- and closed-source generative AI models.

Matt Wood, VP of Product for Amazon Web Services, stated that Amazon aims to operationalize the best, most promising AI models so customers can use them in production.

Through their Bedrock capability, developers can access models from Anthropic, AI21 Labs, and Stability AI, with more coming in the near future.

Use Cases:

  • Startups that have an idea or automation that they want to bring into companies.

  • Text-heavy enterprises that need a way to build systems around it.

  • Amazon is also seeing interest from organizations that aren’t too “forward-thinking in terms of cutting-edge technologies”: Banking, finance, insurance, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, and crop sciences.

AWS also has models for answering questions, personalization, ranking, and search, with new ones emerging weekly, some of which they will move onto its Bedrock platform.

Looks like Amazon might become the one-stop shop for all things AI, just like AWS is for cloud.

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🚀 Pi launches Inflection-1

Inflection, a company dedicated to creating personal AI experiences, has developed its own state-of-the-art language model called Inflection-1. This model powers their personal AI assistant, Pi.ai, and will soon be available through their conversational API.

Here’s the big news: it turns out that the model outperforms widely deployed language models such as GPT-3.5, LLaMA, Chinchilla, and PaLM-540B on various benchmarks used for comparing language models.

In particular, Inflection-1 sets a new standard on the following:

  • Massive Multitask Language Understanding (MMLU) benchmark, achieving 72.7% average accuracy across 57 tasks, with greater than 90% accuracy on five tasks and greater than 85% accuracy on 15 tasks.

  • Common Sense Benchmarks like BoolIQ and HellaSwag, achieving 89.7% and 84.3% accuracy, respectively.

  • It also performs well on TriviaQA and Natural Questions benchmarks, outperforming other models in its compute class.

The results presented in the technical memo showcase the performance of the Inflection-1 foundation model, which has not undergone any fine-tuning or alignment.

Pretty impressive stuff.

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🤑 AI Fundraising News

UK touts £21M fund to extend AI deeper into the National Health Service to accelerate the deployment of AI tools in hospitals across the country for diagnosis and treatment of patients with heart conditions, cancer, and stroke.

EvaluAgent raises $20M Series A to build software that evaluates call center agents.

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

What else is going on?

  1. A.I.’s Use in Elections Sets Off a Scramble for Guardrails

  2. More people in Korea are using AI-edited photos as their headshots on their resumes.

  3. AI models like ChatGPT and GPT-4 are acing everything from the bar exam to AP Biology. Here's a list of difficult exams both AI versions have passed.

  4. Meet the AI Protest Group Campaigning Against Human Extinction

  5. Jobs are now requiring experience with ChatGPT — and they'll pay as much as $800,000 a year for the skill.

  6. Paul McCartney Claims AI Beatles Song Is Less 'Artificial' Than You Think

  7. AI is helping scientists and startups fight El Niño

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