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  • 💾 OpenAI’s DIY chip project

💾 OpenAI’s DIY chip project

PLUS: Charlie Munger isn’t on the AI hype train

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • 💾 OpenAI’s DIY chip project

  • 📈 Nvidia’s chip upgrade

  • 🚂 Charlie Munger isn’t on the AI hype train

  • 🎙️ BWAI: New Episodes Alert!

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

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💾 OpenAI’s DIY chip project

Credit: Jonathan Raa | Nurphoto | CNBC | Getty Images

OpenAI is done waiting.

According to a Reuters report, OpenAI is considering making its own AI chips to tackle GPU shortages that have hampered API speed and reliability.

Why make their own chips? Besides turbocharging their AI capabilities, going DIY on chips could tremendously help OpenAI's bottom line.

Here’s the math:

  • Currently, every ChatGPT query costs them around 4 cents. With 100 million monthly users and millions of daily queries, the dollars start to add up.

  • Bernstein Research analyst Stacy Rasgon stated that if ChatGPT’s queries reach a tenth of what Google gets, they could spend up to $16 billion annually on chip bills. Dang.

Overall: NVIDIA currently dominates the market for AI chips, but companies like Microsoft (OpenAI’s backer) have also started developing their own.

It is unclear whether OpenAI will proceed with its plans - if they do, it could be years before they can use their own chips.

One to keep an eye on.

Read more: Engadget

📈 Nvidia’s chip upgrade

Credit: REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Speaking of chips, Nvidia is gearing up for a grand reveal of its own by introducing the Blackwell chip.

Here’s the TL;DR:

  • Blackwell will leverage Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing's 3nm tech and utilize a multi-chiplet design to enhance performance.

  • It will offer increased transistor density, faster speed, and reduced power.

  • It will have a higher average selling price and perform better than its current H100 model.

What does this mean for Nvidia?

  • Piper Sandler's Harsh Kumar calls it the 'next-gen compute GPU product,' poised to dominate AI and high-performance computing.

  • KeyBanc Capital Markets predicts a big shift in Nvidia's data center revenues, skyrocketing 201% to $45 billion in 2023.

  • With higher-priced GPUs, Nvidia’s revenue is projected to hit $101 billion in 2024.

Read more: CNBC

🚂 Charlie Munger isn’t on the AI hype train

Credit: Crypto News

Charlie isn’t too pleased with AI.

In Zoom's recent conference, Charlie Munger labeled AI as “excessive hype,” raising doubts about its merits despite its global integration.

While some envision a utopian future powered by AI, Munger remains skeptical, calling it “crazy hype” and emphasizing the importance of old-fashioned intelligence.

But that's not all—Munger's disapproval extended to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He minced no words, deeming Bitcoin the “stupidest investment” he'd ever seen and predicting its inevitable worthlessness.

Overall: Unlike Munger's skepticism, AI and cryptocurrencies continue to thrive, attracting interest from major Wall Street players.

So the question remains: are AI and Crypto “overhyped and stupid,” or are they shaping the future?

What do you think?

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🎙️ New Episodes Alert!

Hey team! We're thrilled to mark the launch of our podcast by sharing two exciting new episodes with you.

In our conversation with Dan Siroker, we delve into:

  • How regaining his hearing through a hearing aid inspired him to explore ways technology could help overcome biological limitations.

  • Key learnings from his experience at Google, the Obama Campaign, and Optimizely.

  • The recent announcement of Rewind Pendant.

In our conversation with Champ Bennett, we explore:

  • How recent advancements in AI, like stable diffusion, are unlocking powerful new capabilities for video creation and editing.

  • How Capsule thinks about integrating AI into their product and improving AI features.

  • His vision for how AI can drive increasingly personalized user experiences.

Catch these episodes on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts!

🤑 AI Fundraising News

  • Kolena raises $15M Series A funding to build tools that test AI models.

  • Kneron raises $49M in Series B funding to develop an application-specific integrated circuit and software that offers artificial intelligence-based tools.

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