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PLUS: Barack Obama's thoughts on AI, free speech, and the future of the internet

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1️⃣ OpenAI’s DevDay breakdown

OpenAI announced several new products and updates at its first developer event. Here’s the TL;DR: 

  • Usage: ChatGPT hit 100 million weekly users this year and stated that more than 2 million developers are “building solutions” using their API. 

  • GPT-4 Turbo: OpenAI launched a new and improved version of GPT-4.

    • It has as a context window 4X larger than its predecessor, and

    • It can analyze both text and images.

  • BYOGPT: You can now build your own GPTs using prompts - no coding skills required. 

  • GPT Store: OpenAI lets you share your bot creations on their App-Store-for-GPT, even promising to pay those with popular GPTs.

  • New APIs:

    • Assistants API: Allows you to craft your own agent-like experience.

    • DALL-E 3 API: DALL-E 3 is now available through API, priced at $0.04 per image. 

    • Audio API: If you're into voices, this new text-to-speech has six preset voices for just $0.015 per 1,000 characters.

Read more: Techcrunch

2️⃣ YouTube tests video chatbots

YouTube is releasing a new conversational AI tool that can answer questions, recommend related content, and even throw quizzes your way during educational videos. 

YouTube is also experimenting with AI-powered comment categorization, giving creators quicker insights into the conversations happening under their videos. 

AI-generated backgrounds, multilingual dubbing, and intelligent video suggestions are already in play. Plus, according to some rumor mills, there's also an AI tool in the works that lets you compose tracks like pro musicians 👀 

Read more: The Verge

3️⃣ NVIDIA's Eos Supercomputer

NVIDIA released its Eos supercomputer. Here’s the tea 🍵

  • It’s powered by over 10,000 H100 Tensor Core GPUs, delivering 40 exaflops of AI processing power (translation: it is exceptionally, wildly, categorically, absurdly fast).

  • It can train a 175 billion-parameter GPT-3 model on 1 billion tokens in under four minutes. For reference, that's 3X faster than their own benchmark set just six months ago. Talk about competing with yourself…

The bad news: Renting a server will set you back $37,000 a month 💰️ 

Read more: Engadget

4️⃣ Mozilla launches it’s first LLM

Mozilla is launching Fakespot Chat, an AI agent that uses machine learning to go through product reviews and identify fake or deceptive ones.

But that’s not all - the bot can also assimilate all the legitimate comments and create a “Pros and Cons” list, summarizing product reviews so that customers don’t have to read through endless opinions before making a decision.

Read more: Techcrunch

5️⃣ Latest LLM out of China

Ant Group, the fintech powerhouse linked with Alibaba, has gotten the green light from the Chinese government to introduce products powered by its large language model, Bailing, to the public.

This move aligns with the broader trend in China, where tech giants like Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu are diving into the generative AI race with products reminiscent of the game-changing ChatGPT.

Read more: Yahoo Finance

6️⃣ Microsoft offers politicians protection against deepfakes

Deepfakes are a serious concern, especially with election season coming up. 

To help address this, Microsoft has introduced Content Credentials as a Service - a tool leveraging digital watermarks to authenticate AI content.

How it works: The tool attaches crucial metadata to images and videos, preventing the sharing of deceitful information and protecting the use of content and likeness. 

Microsoft will also endorse the Protect Elections from Deceptive AI Act and set up an Election Communications Hub to help governments access Microsoft's security teams before elections.

The tool will launch in Spring 2024 and will be first available to political campaigns.

Read more: The Verge

7️⃣ Amazon upgrades its code generation tool

Amazon’s code-generating tool, CodeWhisperer, has been revamped to provide enhanced suggestions for app development on MongoDB, the open-source database management program. 

Why is this a big deal? 

  • Today's code-generating tools can perform well with most languages and have a strong sense of logic. 

  • CodeWhisperer takes it a step further, providing MongoDB-related code recommendations that reflect best practices, enabling developers to prototype more quickly. 

  • AWS worked with MongoDB to train CodeWhisperer's underlying AI model on data from MongoDB documentation, use cases, and common MongoDB tasks.

Read more: Techcrunch

8️⃣ Samsung unveils ChatGPT alternative Samsung Gauss

Just days after OpenAI's event, Samsung unveiled Samsung Gauss, a trio of AI tools: 

  • Gauss Language: Akin to ChatGPT, Gauss Language promises to improve productivity by seamlessly handling tasks like email composition, document summarization, and language translation. 

  • Gauss Code: Aims to improve code writing by making it quicker and more efficient.

  • Gauss Image: Allows users to transform low-res images into hi-res masterpieces. 

While it’s currently only an internal tool, Samsung plans to release Gauss to the public soon, teasing a possible integration into the Galaxy S24 in 2024. 

Read more: Techcrunch

9️⃣ Baidu is choosing Huawei over Nvidia

Baidu is taking the road less traveled, ordering 1,600 AI chips from Huawei and ditching the Nvidia wave.

This move signals a big shift as U.S. pressure and chip embargos prompt Chinese tech giants to move to Huawei's offerings.

While Huawei's chips might not match Nvidia's performance, they're China's most sophisticated domestic option, setting the stage for a future where Baidu ultimately pivots away from the U.S. giant.

Read more: Reuters

🔟 Barack Obama on AI, free speech, and the future of the internet

In an interview with The Verge, former President Barack Obama discussed the need for an intelligent framework to regulate AI. 

He stated that the government needs insight and expertise to regulate AI properly and suggested that people with that expertise should take a tour of duty in the government. 

Obama also discussed the need for transparency and guardrails around potential risks associated with AI. 

Read more: The Verge

🎙️ BWAI Episode ft. Greg Kamradt

Hey team! ICYMI, our latest BWAI episode featuring Greg Kamradt, a prolific AI educator, is out now!

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🤑 AI Fundraising News

  • Aleph Alpha raises $500M in Series B funding to provide AI implementation services to clients with "full sovereignty" over the technology, distinguishing it from competitors such as OpenAI.

  • Wefox raises $55M in a debt financing deal to develop its insurtech platform to help distribute its insurance products.

  • Cast AI raises $35M in Series B funding to help enterprises optimize their spending on cloud resources, using generative AI to analyze and autonomously tune Kubernetes clusters across servers.

  • Rainbow Weather raises $2M in funding to provide accurate and instant weather forecasts using AI.

  • Tabnine raises $25M investment in Series B funding to develop a platform that offers an AI "code assistant" called Tabnine Chat that writes code and answers questions about codebases.

  • Black Ore raises $60M in funding to bring AI to financial services.

  • Elucid raises $80 million in Series C funding to provide AI-powered imaging analysis software to assess cardiovascular disease.

  • Ghost Autonomy raises $5M in funding to enable automakers to bring AI and advanced autonomous driving software to the next generation of vehicles, expanding capabilities and use cases with multi-modal large language models.

🛠️ AI Tools to Check Out

  • Kroto: Kroto lets creators create courses using simple text prompts, making it highly interactive through an intuitive notion-like chapter editor, seamlessly integrating videos, markdown, code embeds, coding exercises, and design files. Check them out!

  • Writingmate: AI copilot for Google Docs, Slides, Sheets with 20k+ users. Check them out!

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