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  • 🔧 OpenAI introduces fine-tuning

🔧 OpenAI introduces fine-tuning

PLUS: Snapchat Dreams up AI photo feature 

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Happy Wednesday, fellow humans. 👋

Here’s a timeless Alex Hormozi poem for you this fine morning:

Open wounds become scars. Time heals the pain. But the scar remains. To remind you not to let it happen again.

AI ain’t coming up with that. This is 100% Hormozi. Love it.

Anyway, let’s dive into it…

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • 🔧 OpenAI introduces fine-tuning

  • 🎙️ YouTube’s music AI incubator

  •  💤 Snapchat Dreams up AI photo feature

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

🤖 Top AI News

🔧 OpenAI introduces fine-tuning

A big update coming out of OpenAI HQ:

Fine-tuning for GPT-3.5 Turbo is now available, empowering developers to customize models for superior performance on specific tasks.

According to OpenAI, fine-tuned GPT-3.5 models can match or even top GPT-4 on narrow tasks.

With supervised fine-tuning, developers can make models more controllable, improving:

  • instruction following

  • output formatting

  • brand voice consistency

Fine-tuning also enables shorter prompts and handles up to 4k tokens—double previous fine-tuned models. Some testers have cut prompt length by 90%, accelerating queries and lowering costs.

Plus, as a safety measure, fine-tuning training data is passed through their “Moderation API and a GPT-4 powered moderation system to detect unsafe training data that conflict with OpenAI’s safety standards.”

Overall: Fine-tuning unlocks customization for specific use cases. Developers can tailor GPT-3.5 Turbo to their needs, and shorter prompts and moderation maintain safety while improving performance.

Building a moat as a generative AI startup has never been more possible.

Read more: OpenAI Blog | TechCrunch

🎙️ YouTube’s Music AI Incubator

Copyrighting AI music is a pain, and YouTube knows this.

To get ahead of AI-generated music controversies, YouTube is partnering with Universal Music Group to launch a Music AI Incubator that aims to protect artists and their work.

YouTube’s key focus will be ensuring artists maintain control by using their Content ID and policy, detection, and enforcement systems to help ensure artists have choices about how their work is used and the option to get paid when others appropriate their work.

UMG's CEO, Sir Lucian Grainge, says the vision is an ecosystem where artists have "creative integrity" and get fair compensation. Rather than fight AI, artists are seeking to guide its ethical use.

Grainge also maintains that AI won't replace human creativity. "Genius is never random," he says - the spark driving great artists is the intention, not algorithms.

Overall: YouTube's automated copyright systems are imperfect, so ensuring artists are fairly compensated for AI use will be an ongoing challenge.

But by working with artists, they hope to create an ethical AI ecosystem that protects creative integrity. If successful, it could be a model for the industry.

Read more: Gizmodo

 💤 Snapchat Dreams Up AI Photo Feature

Oh dearie me, Snapchat is back with more AI updates. 😳 

Snapchat is expanding its generative AI features with Dreams, enabling users to generate new pictures of themselves in imaginative backgrounds.

The feature will allow users to place themselves in "fantastical places and scenarios” through user prompts. It will also include a Dreams with Friends feature, where users can generate AI images with their friends.

The feature may also be monetized in the future through the sale of Dream Packs, indicating a commerce element, though Snapchat has not made any definitive comments.

Overall: Dreams follows the viral success of AI selfie apps like Remini on TikTok, but Snapchat wants to go beyond LinkedIn headshots to whimsical AI worlds.

It also represents Snapchat's continued expansion into AI after launching the My AI chatbot. Like Filters and Lenses, AI could be the next frontier that powers Snapchat’s growth.

Let’s hope this Dream doesn’t become a MyAI Bot-like nightmare.

Read more: TechCrunch

🤑 AI Fundraising News

Clockworks Analytics closes $16M funding to develop cloud-based building analytics software that provides data-driven insights into property operations for facility and energy managers, proactively identifying inefficiencies and prioritizing tasks for building staff in real-time.

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

What else is going on?

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  3. Meta's new multimodal translator uses a single model to speak 100 languages

  4. Meet Relume, the bootstrapped AI web builder that wants to supercharge Figma and Webflow

  5. How this VC evaluates generative AI startups

  6. Dipp uses AI to fix bottlenecks between marketing and design teams

  7. Google's AI Search Gives Ridiculous and Wrong Answers

  8. Developers are now using AI for text-to-music apps

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