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🧵 In today's edition:

  • 🔎 Your new favorite app

  • 👔 Grammarly goes corporate

  • 🏗️ Meta reimagines AI Infrastructure

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

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🤖 Top AI News

🔎 Your new favorite app


OpenAI officially launched its iOS app yesterday, and so far, it’s received glowing reviews.

The app has no ads (bless), shared history with the web, and a Whisper integration to allow for voice inputs into the chatbot.

And let me tell you something - this speech-to-text integration is absolutely next level. Apple’s Siri is in trouble unless they announce some big changes to their virtual assistant at WWDC, coming up in June.

The app is currently only available in the US and for iOS users, but they hope to expand it to additional countries in the coming weeks.

Two questions:

  1. Is ChatGPT replacing Google on your home screen dock yet?

  2. How quickly goes ChatGPT reach #1 on the app store?

Read more: The Verge

👔 Grammarly goes corporate

Grammarly, the app I use to fix my typeos, is expanding its AI offerings to the workplace, aiming to pivot from a pure grammar-and-spelling checker to a corporate communications and workflow tool.

The company will roll out new features for its enterprise offering, Grammarly Business, that include:

  • AI assistant, GrammarlyGO, with business-specific terms and knowledge

  • Capability to summarize key points in long email chains, identify whether the information is already shared within the organization, and compose a reply. 

  • Integrate with other apps like Slack and Gmail to help identify priority tasks for employees and compose responses across different messaging apps.

Overall: Grammarly aims to ride the generative AI wave and compete with big technology companies such as Google and Microsoft to bring its AI-connected workplace vision to reality.

I mean, who wouldn’t?

Read more: Yahoo Finance

🏗️ Meta reimagines AI Infrastructure

Meta released some big AI infra changes yesterday.

At AI Infra @Scale, Meta AI leaders and engineers spoke about the infrastructure changes they made and how they can impact the future of AI development:

  • Next-Gen Data Center: The new data center will be optimized for AI, supporting liquid-cooled hardware and a high-performance AI network connecting thousands of AI chips together for large-scale AI training clusters. It is also predicted to be faster and more cost-effective to build.

  • Research SuperCluster (RSC) AI Supercomputer: Meta’s RSC, one of the fastest AI supercomputers in the world, is built to train the next generation of large AI models as well as the world's first AI translation system for languages. It features 16,000 GPUs with high-speed interconnect.

  • MTIA (Meta Training and Inference Accelerator): MTIA is a custom silicon chip designed to power Meta’s AI recommendation systems that helps optimize content shown to users.

  • ComposeCode: Meta’s version of a GenAI code-writing assistant, designed to help engineers write code better and quicker.

Their major goal with these updates is to support teams across the software development process while “hopefully” making these tools open source in the near future.

This begs the question: which company reaches open-source status first?

Read more: Meta Blog

🤑 AI Fundraising News

Mitiga raises $14.4M Series A funding to provide data-heavy, physics-based risk modeling tools that use A to predict climate-driven risks

Amini raises a $2M pre-seed round to solve environmental data scarcity

🗞️ Byte size: AI article summaries

Disclaimer: AI is (partially) used to summarize these articles.

Stability AI open sources its AI-powered design studio [TechCrunch] - Stability A has released StableStudio, an open-source version of its DreamStudio AI-powered design suite. StableStudio is an attempt to create a community-driven project that can outpace anything developed by a single company. (Read more)

Fintech Ramp Launches Money-Saving AI Tools For Businesses [Forbes] - Ramp has unveiled new AI-powered money-saving tools for businesses. The tools aim to help businesses optimize their finances by automating expense management, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and providing actionable insights. (Read more)

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