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  • 😵‍💫 Midjourney Images Get Weirder And Wider

😵‍💫 Midjourney Images Get Weirder And Wider

PLUS: AI art generators hinder artists more than help them

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • 😵‍💫 Midjourney Images Get Weirder And Wider

  • 🏋️ Google uses public data to train Bard

  • 🤝 Salesforce Introduces AI in Sales and Service Cloud

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

🤖 Top AI News

😵‍💫 Midjourney Images Get Weirder And Wider

More Midjourney updates! (serious question: how are they shipping features this fast?)

In the latest iteration of their product, they have released two key features:


Using arrows underneath your images, you can extend the image any way you want.

The best part? You can pan the image multiple times, and the image will keep on extending. (Note: the resolution might become quite large.)

There are some limitations, however:

  • If you zoom out on a panned image, its resolution will decrease to the default size

  • You cannot pan both horizontally and vertically on the same image

  • You cannot control the amount you pan with each panning operation

  • You may see 'repetition' as you pan. Avoid this by trying to change your prompt to include new details.

This seems like Midjourney’s response to Adobe Firefly’s Generate Fill function. We will have to wait and see who comes out on top.

Weirdness factor

The “weird parameter” feature lets users add weirdness to images with a rating set between 0 and 3,000.

Higher number = weirder image.

Overall: Midjourney is shipping at a rapid pace. What’s next for the text-to-image AI giant?

Read more: Forbes

🏋️ Google uses public data to train Bard

With all this talk about data privacy, Google has decided to get ahead of any potential congressional hearings or lawsuits that might be coming their way.

In its recently updated privacy policy, Google included the use of publically available data to train its AI models.

Thoughts: We have been seeing companies get in trouble for using public data to train models, with some companies also taking actions to prevent such data usage.

  • A class action lawsuit was filed against OpenAI, accusing it of scraping "massive amounts of personal data from the internet" to train GPT without consent.

  • Musk restricted tweets seen per day to "address extreme levels of data scraping [and] system manipulation.”

Overall: This makes everything online fair game for Google to train their models on.

Something about this feels illegal, but eh, what do we know?

Read more: Engadget

🤝 Salesforce Introduces AI in Sales and Service Cloud

Salesforce continues its string of Cloud-based AI applications by introducing AI capabilities in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to enhance customer interactions.

Sales GPT will allow for automating tasks such as composing customer emails, summarizing call interactions, and conducting account research.

Service GPT will streamline customer interactions into easily accessible knowledge articles and equip field service agents with relevant information before they reach service sites.

Overall: This is a big win for SMBs. It saves them a lot of time working on menial tasks like email drafting and call summaries, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives.

Salesforce still holds a death grip on the CRM space.

🤑 AI Fundraising News

Celestial AI raises $100M in Series B funding to expand the Photonic Fabric technology platform.

UK’s early-stage media tech VC Mercuri closes £50M fund to back start-ups using AI to develop media models.

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

What else is going on?

  1. AI is already linked to layoffs in the industry that created it

  2. Enkronos unveils Ainova AI engine to empower its groundbreaking AI-enhanced business consulting web application

  3. Text AI art generators hinder artists more than help them

  4. Konux gears up to scale its AI + IoT play for optimizing the railways

  5. Japan dreams of AI, overtaking Nvidia and universal basic income

  6. Animated GIF generator from Picsart makes AI fun again

  7. Drones with AI targeting systems claimed to be 'better than humans'

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🖼️ Midjourney’s product improvement has been a sight to behold.

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