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PLUS: NASA and IBM want to revolutionize weather forecasting

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1️⃣ Sam’s back for good, but with a different board

To tie a neat bow on the OpenAI saga, it has now been confirmed that the original trio is back leading OpenAI:

  • CEO: Sam Altman

  • CTO: Mira Murati

  • President: Greg Brockman

It was also announced that Microsoft is taking a non-voting observer board seat on the newly constructed OpenAI board.

Exciting times ahead for Sam and the OpenAI team! 

P.S. Check out Sam’s interview with The Verge here! 

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2️⃣ Dell signs deal with AI startup Imbue

Legacy tech companies are starting to value the power of AI. 

This week, Dell Technologies signed a $150 million deal to provide computing hardware to Imbue, an AI startup building its own foundation models from scratch. 

What does Imbue get? 

  • Access to servers to help them process vast amounts of data.

  • The arrangement makes it cheaper for Imbue to access computing services than to go through a cloud provider.

  • The collaboration also enables Imbue to avoid vendor lock-in, emphasizing the importance of owning and innovating on computing infrastructure. 

What does Dell get? Access to cutting-edge AI and a chance to have their own foundational model.

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3️⃣ Q - Amazon’s latest chatbot

Amazon’s AWS just launched Amazon Q, an AI-powered chat tool designed for businesses to ask questions specific to their operations. 

Here are the details: 

  • Q acts as a business-centric AI assistant, allowing users to seek information from their data without manually sifting through numerous documents. 

  • Users can access Q through various channels, including the AWS Management Console, company documentation pages, developer environments like Slack, and third-party apps. 

  • Unlike other AI models, questions asked on Q will not contribute to training foundational models. 

  • The tool is compatible with models on Amazon Bedrock, AWS's AI model repository, offering flexibility to users. 

Read more: The Verge

4️⃣ Instability AI

More CEO drama is afoot. 

Stability AI, known for its Stable Diffusion image generator, is reportedly exploring a sale amid increasing investor pressure over its financial situation. 

The company has initiated early-stage talks with potential buyers, though no imminent deal exists. 

Why now? The move comes after investor Coatue Management's call for CEO Emad Mostaque's resignation due to alleged leadership issues and financial concerns.

Read more: Bloomberg

5️⃣ Sports Illustrated employs… fake AI writers?

Sports Illustrated is the latest media entity accused of using AI chatbots to generate articles. 

The articles featured AI-generated headshots, attempting to present a human touch to AI-created content. The AI personas, such as "Drew Ortiz" and "Sora Tanaka," even had bios and interests to make it more realistic! You have to give them credit for going the extra mile there. 

The articles, including shopping guides aimed at generating affiliate revenue, have since been removed, but not before The Arena Group, Sports Illustrated's parent company, faced criticism for ruining journalistic integrity.

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6️⃣ NASA and IBM want to revolutionize weather forecasting

NASA and IBM are joining forces to create an AI foundation model for weather and climate applications, setting their sights on revolutionizing weather forecasting. 

Unlike existing AI emulators, these foundation models dive into the physics of weather forecasting, promising expanded accessibility, quicker inference times, and a richer diversity of data. 

The collaboration aims to enhance forecasting accuracy, from predicting meteorological phenomena to identifying conditions leading to turbulence or wildfires.

Read more: Engadget

7️⃣ Invisible Watermarks  

Amazon announced the Titan Image Generator, an AI art generator with a unique watermarking system to identify AI-generated images. 

While Amazon is tight-lipped about Titan's capabilities and training data, it claims the model can produce realistic images with features like background changes and generative fills. 

The catch:

  • It is still unclear what the watermark is or how outside users can identify the image.

  • It is a foundational model that businesses have to integrate into their own platforms and is restricted to AWS customers through the Bedrock platform.

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8️⃣ Chips with Silicon AI features

Tech giant Broadcom has integrated AI features into its new Trident 5-X12 networking chip to enhance data center efficiency. 

The AI-enabled chip, part of Broadcom's Trident networking processors, dedicates a section of its silicon to AI, improving its ability to manage network security and handle various tasks. 

The Trident 5-X12 chip also addresses challenges associated with data movement within large AI clusters, helping improve network traffic congestion.

Read more: Yahoo Finance

9️⃣ Singapore’s Changi Airport tests AI security screening

Airport security checks can be time-consuming (and high-key annoying at times). 

To help solve this, Changi Airport in Singapore is conducting trials of an AI-driven system to slash the time spent on passenger security checks. 

The system employs AI and machine learning to analyze X-ray images from cabin baggage at the boarding gate in Terminal 3. 

The goal? To reduce processing time and minimize human errors in security screening.

Initial results indicate that the AI system performs on par with or even better than human screeners in identifying prohibited items.

Read more: Yahoo Finance

🔟 Global AI security guidelines

The UK has unveiled the world's first global guidelines for securing AI systems against cyberattacks, aiming to ensure AI’s safe and secure development. 

Developed by the UK's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), the guidelines have received endorsements from 17 other countries, including all G7 members. 

The aim? To incorporate cybersecurity across four key areas of AI development:

  • Secure design,

  • Secure development,

  • Secure deployment, and

  • Secure operation and maintenance.

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🤑 AI Fundraising News

  • Pika raises $55M in funding to build AI tools to generate and edit videos.

  • Elucid raises $80M in Series C funding to develop software that analyzes arterial plaque and is FDA-cleared to accurately characterize it, providing a non-invasive diagnostic method.

  • Kognitos raises $20M in Series A funding to create generative AI for business automation.

  • Rich Data Co raises $17.5M in Series B funding to develop an AI decisioning platform that provides lenders insight into borrower behavior, enabling more accurate credit risk assessment and prediction of future business performance for sustainable credit access.

  • Tola Capital raises its largest fund at $230M to invest in AI-enabled enterprise software.

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  • Bind AI: Bind lets you connect your salesforce, intercom, and internal databases and create conversational AI Assistants to provide insights and answers on your customer data. Check them out!

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