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  • 🤖 I’m Grok

  • 💾 A new chip challenger emerges

  • 🐶 😺 What if you could talk to your pet?

  • 🎙️ New Episode ft. Greg Kamradt

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

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🤖 I’m Grok

Elon Musk shares an… interesting screenshot from Grok

Elon Musk has finally done what he’s been hinting at for a LONG time. 

His company, xAI, officially introduced Grok, an AI chatbot with a “rebellious streak” that draws creative inspiration from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy." 

Here’s the TL;DR: 

  • The chatbot employs humor in its answers, giving users something not actively available with other bots.

  • A powerful Grok-1 LLM powers the chatbot. It surpasses GPT-3.5 in some benchmarks, like solving middle school math problems, but lags behind GPT-4.

  • Grok has real-time access to Twitter / X and is actively being trained on the platform. 

  • According to Elon, Grok will also answer “spicy questions that are rejected by most other AI systems. I'm not sure if that’s the best thing in the world, but interesting nonetheless…

Overall: The Tesla CEO plans to offer Grok to premium subscribers on X after testing the bot.

However, it will be interesting to see how Musk views the evolution of the bot, given his concerns regarding AI systems gaining excessive autonomy and posing threats to humanity.

Read more: The Guardian

💾 A new chip challenger emerges

Chinese researchers at Tsinghua University have developed a new AI processing chip called *takes a deep breath* the All-analog Chip Combining Electronic and Light Computing, or ACCEL. 

For all the technical folk, this chip:

  • Combines electronic and light computing in an all-analog architecture.

  • Exceeds the capabilities of the Nvidia A100 by 3.7x in image classification workloads.

  • Is purpose-built for vision-related applications.

  • Achieves 4,600 tera-operations per second (TOPS) in vision tasks with an outstanding energy efficiency of 74.8 peta-operations per second per watt.

  • Has a low computing latency of 72 nanoseconds, resulting in a throughput of approximately 13,000 frames per second. 

For my non-technical folks who skimmed (or just ignored 😂) the first half: 

  • The chip is very good at managing and using energy wisely, preventing it from overheating

  • The chip uses “photonics” to quickly and efficiently recognize and understand things in images, making it very powerful for vision-related applications.

Read more: Tom’s Hardware

🐶 😺 What if you could talk to your pet?

I’ll be honest - communicating with pets could be the greatest thing to happen to humanity. 

As it turns out, AI may help us do just that, allowing us to understand their intentions through vocalizations and physical cues.

Take cats, for example. We all know they hate everyone - but now, we might have a chance to confirm that hypothesis.

Cats exhibit a wide range of facial expressions when interacting with humans, and recent research identified 276 facial expressions when cats interacted with other cats. 

AI can read and classify these images, making it a valuable tool in recognizing features such as ear positions which convey emotions.

Researchers at the University of Lincoln are already using AI to discern emotional states in cats, dogs, and horses by analyzing these expressions. 

Overall: AI can also assist in conservation efforts, such as identifying and understanding animal calls in various species.

This technology has the potential to shed light on fundamental biological and psychological aspects, including the origins of certain human traits.

Read more: The Guardian

🎙️ New Episode ft. Greg Kamradt

Hey team! I am stoked to introduce our latest episode featuring Greg Kamradt, a prolific AI educator.

During the conversation, we discuss:

  • The awareness gap between the AI industry and the business industry,

  • The three stages of the evolution of GenAI,

  • Ongoing developments in retrieval techniques,

  • Potential risks of implementing AI features,

  • Use cases of application frameworks like Langchain,

  • And much more!

Catch this episode on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts today!

🤑 AI Fundraising News

  • Dashtoon raises $5M in Seed funding to provide a platform for storytellers and their content.

  • Govly raises $9.5M in Series A funding to transform government contract procurement for businesses with AI.

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

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