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  • 🖥️ Humane’s AI fashion show

🖥️ Humane’s AI fashion show

PLUS: Pixel 8’s AI teaser

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • 🖥️ Humane’s AI fashion show

  • 🪖 NSA’s AI defense center

  • 📱 Pixel 8’s AI teaser

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

🖥️ Humane’s AI fashion show

Here’s a quick recap on the Humane saga so far:

  • Humane is a software and hardware company founded by former Apple employees and has been shrouded in mystery since its inception in 2017.

  • In April, we got a small glimpse of what the product would look like, demoed by CEO Imran Chaudhri in a Ted Talk.

  • In June, the company confirmed its inaugural product: the "Ai Pin."

And now, after securing substantial funding and partnering with OpenAI, the company is finally ready to unveil its wearable device on November 9th.

The Ai Pin was worn by supermodel Naomi Campbell at a Paris Fashion Week show last week, and I have to be honest, it looked pretty awesome.

So what is it? Described as a "new paradigm of ambient, AI-driven computing," the Humane Ai Pin is a screenless wearable that seamlessly integrates into users' daily lives.

  • It employs a variety of sensors to enable natural and intuitive interactions, promising a privacy-first approach with no 'always on' listening.

  • While the exact functionality remains a mystery, the device's unique design suggests it may offer smartphone-free convenience, akin to LTE-enabled smartwatches.

Overall: With its official launch just around the corner, we'll soon discover if this mysterious wearable lives up to the hype and transforms how we interact with AI.

Read more: Techcrunch

🪖 NSA’s AI defense center

The NSA is stepping up its AI game by launching a dedicated security center in response to the growing reliance on AI within the government, with multiple algorithms integrated into defense and intelligence systems.

The center's mission is twofold:

  • Safeguard these systems against theft and sabotage.

  • Protect the nation from external AI-based threats.

Outgoing NSA director General Paul Nakasone announced this strategic shift and emphasized a focus on countering cyberattacks from countries like China and Russia.

The concern isn't just theoretical:

  • Recent advisories suggest Chinese hackers have targeted government and industrial entities through router firmware hacks.

  • Election interference is another looming concern. While there's no evidence of meddling in the upcoming Presidential elections, the rise of AI, including the CIA's chatbot, adds a new layer of complexity.

Overall: The NSA's decision to establish this unit is based on studies showing that poorly secured AI models pose a significant national security challenge, especially as generative AI technologies become more prevalent.

This new division will work closely with industry leaders, science labs, academic institutions, international partners, and the Department of Defense to set standards and guidelines for AI security and development within national security systems.

Read more: Engadget

📱 Pixel 8’s AI teaser

In a leaked ad, Google is preparing users to experience its newest phone, the Pixel 8, which is set to headline Google's upcoming event on October 4th.

The ad shows new data transfer capabilities and dives into other AI features that steal the spotlight. These include:

  • “Best Take,” a feature that allows users to insert faces from other images into their photos seamlessly.

  • Magic Eraser, the hit feature that lets users automatically take out elements of a photo that distract from the main focus.

Overall: With these exciting AI features and fashionable accessories in the pipeline, Google's Pixel 8 might slowly become a must-have tech gem.

Read more: The Verge

🤑 AI Fundraising News

  • Prins AI raises $100M in Series B funding to develop a technology that uses advanced AI to create digital identities.

  • Deka raises $20M in Series B2 funding to identify liver toxicity risks in select drug candidates.

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

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