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  • 💁 The future of customer service 

💁 The future of customer service 

PLUS: Biden Administration strikes a deal with TSMC

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Intercom just launched an AI feature that could define the future of customer service, the USA is well and truly back in the chips game, and Intel is looking to take on Nvidia…

Let’s dive into it!

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  • 💁 The future of customer service 

  • 💾 America's chip comeback

  • 🥊 Intel vs. Nvidia

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In this era of instant gratification, customer service can make or break a business. That's why Intercom has launched Fin AI Copilot - an AI assistant revolutionizing how support teams deliver exceptional service.

Here’s the TL;DR: 

  • The Fin AI Copilot instantly generates accurate answers to customer queries by tapping into conversation history, internal knowledge bases, help centers, and the open web. 

  • Early users are seeing a 31% boost in agent efficiency.

  • Following the launch of Intercom’s Fin AI Agent, which has handled over 8 million customer queries in 45 languages, support teams have saved 670,000 hours of work and resolved up to 80% of customer queries.

But Fin AI Copilot isn't just a knowledge parrot. It understands context and conversation flow to provide nuanced, on-point responses tailored to each customer interaction. Agents can refine tones, rephrase suggestions, and control Fin's inputs.

How? Fin AI Copilot uses two powerful search capabilities (retrieval-augmented generation and semantic search) to help support agents instantly find accurate answers and provide expert advice to help agents troubleshoot issues without needing to switch tabs or hunt for information.

The best part? Fin AI Copilot learns and grows smarter from every conversation, continuously improving its capabilities.

Overall: Customer service is being revolutionized as AI and humans work together through tools like Intercom's Fin platform. With its highly personalized and controlled service + its ability to have natural conversations, AI can do up to 80% of the work agents do, freeing up human time to work on more complex, meaningful tasks. 

Read more: Intercom

Source: Techspot

After years of declining U.S. manufacturing, America is reasserting its chip dominance thanks to President Biden's CHIPS and Science Act.

Here’s the tea: 

  • The Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) just announced plans to construct a massive $65 billion semiconductor manufacturing complex in Phoenix, Arizona. 

  • This doubles down on their initial $12 billion investment and will create over 25,000 direct jobs, plus thousands more indirect roles.

  • By 2030, this Arizona mega-site will enable the U.S. to recapture 20% of global leading-edge chip production after dwindling to a mere 10% share.

  • The deal also allocates $50 million towards developing Arizona's local tech workforce, ensuring residents can secure lucrative semiconductor jobs without leaving their hometowns.

Overall: This is a HUGE deal for American manufacturing because semiconductors power modern existence - everything from consumer electronics to defense capabilities.

TSMC's renewed multi-billion dollar commitment validates President Biden's vision to revive the U.S. chip industry through smart incentives under the CHIPS Act, which is slowly but surely coming true. 

Source: Intel

Intel is now going one-on-one with the Great One (Nvidia). 

Gaudi 3 is Intel's new flagship AI processor designed to dethrone Nvidia's H100 from its current performance throne.

The numbers don't lie: 

  • Intel claims that Gaudi 3 is 40% more power efficient with 50% faster inferencing speeds than Nvidia's vaunted H100. 

  • Gaudi 3 is also 1.7x faster at training LLMs than the H100. 

  • Gaudi 3 averages 1.3x faster inferencing performance than even Nvidia's upcoming H200 chip for certain language tasks.

Intel is also making a bold bet by offering an open-source alternative to Nvidia's more locked-in ecosystem, potentially swaying companies looking to avoid vendor lock-in for their highest-value AI workloads.

Read more: Yahoo Finance

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🤑 AI Fundraising News

  • Reshape raises $20M in Series A funding to provide AI and robotics-powered imaging, allowing biological researchers to automate visual experiments by capturing and analyzing data points instantly and accurately.

  • Libretto raises $3.7M in Seed funding to provide advanced tools for developers to monitor, test, and improve LLM prompts.

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