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The Biden administration is considering implementing new export controls to restrict China's access to advanced AI models. Meanwhile, OpenAI may soon release a search feature, and more employees are beginning to incorporate AI into their work…

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  • 🚢 Export control

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  • 🤖 Will using AI get you fired?

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The Biden administration is contemplating the implementation of new export controls to limit China's access to advanced AI models, such as those powering ChatGPT.

The Commerce Department is reportedly considering restricting the export of proprietary or closed-source AI models, which form the backbone of AI systems.

Why now?

  • Currently, there are no restrictions preventing U.S. AI leaders like OpenAI, Google DeepMind, and Anthropic from selling their powerful AI models globally without oversight.

  • However, officials worry adversaries could use these models for malicious purposes like cyberattacks or biological weapons.

  • One option being explored is basing export controls on the computing power threshold for reporting AI development plans to Commerce, outlined in an October 2022 executive order. Models exceeding this threshold could face export limits, though no current models may qualify yet.

Looking ahead: Past measures have prevented the export of sophisticated AI chips to China. The proposed regulations would also mandate cloud service providers to report when foreign entities use their services for potent AI training, which could potentially result in cyber threats.

Overall: Regulating the export of proprietary AI models will be challenging. Regulators must establish appropriate criteria, particularly since many open-source models would remain unrestricted under the proposed controls. Nevertheless, the administration views the restriction of China's access to state-of-the-art AI models as a critical frontier.

Read more: Reuters

🔍️ OpenAI search

OpenAI is working on a new search feature for ChatGPT that would allow users to search the web and receive results with citations from sources like Wikipedia and blogs. 

Here’s the tea: 

  • According to an anonymous source, one version of the product would even include relevant images alongside the written responses when appropriate.

  • This would potentially put OpenAI in direct competition with Google and the AI search startup Perplexity, which has gained traction by offering an AI-powered search engine focused on accuracy and source retrieval.

The pressure is on for OpenAI to enhance ChatGPT's capabilities as rivals release their own conversational AI products. Search functionality appears to be a key battleground, with Google expected to unveil the latest on its Gemini AI models for search at its annual I/O event this week.

Overall: While ChatGPT can currently surface some online search results for paid subscribers, the experience is limited. If launched, OpenAI's reputed search product could provide a more comprehensive way for ChatGPT to comb the internet and synthesize sourced information to answer queries comprehensively, giving stiff competition to Google and Perplexity.

Read more: Bloomberg

A new report from LinkedIn and Microsoft revealed that employees across industries are rapidly adopting GenAI tools for work, often without their employer's knowledge or official sanction.

Here are some stats: 

  • The 2024 Work Trend Index found that 75% of "knowledge workers" globally are using GenAI, with usage spanning all generations from Gen Z (85%) to Boomers (73%). 

  • However, 53% of AI users worry that if their employer finds out, it could signal they are replaceable.

  • Despite this widespread under-the-radar adoption, many companies are struggling to understand AI. 66% of leaders say they wouldn't hire someone without AI skills, yet only 39% provide training, and 60% of leaders worry their AI strategies are insufficient.

So what’s the way forward? LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky advises companies to work across leadership on plans for AI skills and guardrails rather than ignore the technology.

Roslansky recommends breaking roles into tasks to identify what can be automated, especially given that 25% of job skills are estimated to have changed since 2015, rising to 70% by 2030. 

His biggest advice? "Learning how to learn" with a "growth mindset" is key to remaining competitive.

Overall: While employees recognize AI's productivity benefits, using it secretly points to underlying fears about obsolescence. As GenAI permeates workplaces, companies must get ahead of the curve with strategies that embrace the technology while upskilling and reassuring their workforce.

Read more: Axios

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