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PLUS: 🙏🏽 “Mrs. Davis” is a wild and gorgeous indictment of AI

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • 🩺 Dr.Gupta will see you now

  • 🥸 Deepfakes can lead to deep troubles

  • 🙏🏽 “Mrs. Davis” is a wild and gorgeous indictment of AI

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

🤖 Top AI News

🩺 Dr.Gupta will see you now

“Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli has a pretty interesting rap sheet:

  • He was convicted of securities fraud and sentenced to 7 years in prison.

  • He was banned from "directly or indirectly participating in any manner in the pharmaceutical industry" after he raised the price of his life-saving toxoplasmosis drug by 5400%.

However, a year after being released from prison, Martin Shkreli comes out swinging with the launch of Dr.Gupta, the world’s first LLM-powered physician chatbot.

The way it works is simple - you put in your basic information and converse with the chatbot. It gives you some generic advice, but with a clear disclaimer:

“Dr.Gupta is not intended for medical use or for providing a definitive diagnosis”

You still need a human for that (thank God).

You get 10 free messages per month, but if you want more, get ready to fork out $20 per month to continue using the service. For reference, that’s 2.5 months of being verified on Twitter. Your choice.

Shkreli believes Dr.Gupta can drastically reduce physician-related healthcare costs because AI can make a “large amount of healthcare information requests and decisions” - quite ironic coming from the poster child for healthcare cost inflation.

But his vision for healthcare doesn’t stop there. In his appearance on My First Million, he makes a pretty bold prediction, saying that “in 50 years, there will be no such thing as a physician.”

What a world that would be.

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🥸 Deepfakes can lead to deep troubles

If there is one aspect of AI that needs to be heavily regulated, it's deepfakes.

Deepfake technology is dangerous because it can create hyper-realistic content that sometimes has drastic implications.

The Pope looking fly in his white puffy Balenciaga is harmless, but things get a lot dicier when you have a fake video of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy asking his soldiers to surrender to Russia.

AI can now trick people into believing deepfakes, but the digital tools to reliably identify fake images are struggling to keep up with the pace of content generation.

Claire Leibowicz, a leader at the non-profit Partnership on AI, agrees that there is a lot of attention being paid to AI generation, and not enough to AI detection, a problem that is becoming seemingly more important.

So far in 2023, there has been limited venture activity in the space, considering that the technology is still under development and lots of enhancements would need to be made before it’s ready for commercialization.

Read more: Yahoo

🙏🏽 “Mrs. Davis” is a wild and gorgeous indictment of AI

The co-creator of Lost brings a new take on AI with his show “Mrs. Davis,” which explores the impact of AI on society and religion.

In what can be described as a ‘Looney Tunes’ adventure, the protagonist Simone (Betty Gilpin), a nun, rejects Mrs. Davis, an AI offering an alternative form of faith: technogod. The AI then offers to permanently shut itself down in exchange for Simone to track down and destroy the Holy Grail.

In this mayhem of madness, Simone, her magician dad (David Arquette), cowboy ex-boyfriend (Jake McDorman), and an army of ‘Resistance’ (‘to the algorithm!’), navigate a new world raising questions about organized faith and our future with technology.

One of my favorite lines in the show is “Don’t give (the AI) a name! No one calls Facebook ‘Doug’!”

Bombastic side eye to you, Dr.Gupta

A chaotic yet intriguing watch, perfect for a weekend binge.

Read more: The Verge

🤑 AI Fundraising News

Clerkie bags $33m- a company that provides AI-led financial automation services.

Fintech Charm Solutions Secures $3.5M - a Fintech startup with offices in San Francisco

🗞️ Byte size: AI article summaries

Disclaimer: AI is (partially) used to summarize these articles.

Workers Are Worried About Their Bosses Embracing AI [WIRED] - According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, the majority of employees anticipate that the use of algorithms will revolutionize hiring, firing, and workplace evaluation. The report focuses on workers' sentiments regarding AI technology. - (Read more)

Voicemod now available on Mac with real-time AI voice changing and soundboards [The Verge] - Voicemod, a voice changer and soundboard app, is now available on macOS, offering users the ability to play custom sounds in games or while making video calls. Its AI-powered voice allows you to transform your voice into fantasy characters or even Morgan Freeman. The free version of Voicemod is available on the website.- (Read more)

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An awesome segment on NBC talking about how Runway is changing the film industry. Indulge!

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