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PLUS: PayPal uses AI to combat fraud

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • 🕴️ ChatGPT Enterprise

  • 📧 Yahoo Mail is back

  • 💵 PayPal uses AI to combat fraud

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

🤖 Top AI News

🕴️ ChatGPT Enterprise

Credit: OpenAI Twitter

ChatGPT has been adopted in ~ 80% of the Fortune 500 companies. That’s product-market fit like nothing we’ve seen before (in 9 months 🤯)

To capitalize on this popularity, OpenAI is unleashing its powerful AI assistant for business with ChatGPT Enterprise, removing the handcuffs for companies craving serious AI firepower.

  • Use as much of GPT4 as you’d like - no usage caps.

  • Safety and privacy are top of mind, meaning business data stays confidential. OpenAI won't peek at your proprietary info or even train models.

  • Encryption, compliance, and SSO lock your conversations down (we hope).

  • It’s up to 2x faster, with a 32K context window.

  • Users also get unlimited access to advanced data analysis tools (Code Interpreter), allowing non-technical teams to extract insights easily.

  • Customizable templates help build workflows, and free API credits extend functionality.

Overall: OpenAI is officially opening the Enterprise floodgates to unleash its AI powerhouse. Early adopters like Canva, Klarna, and PwC are using Enterprise to accelerate projects & unlock productivity, and finding it extremely helpful.

Plus, more smart features are in the works for securing company knowledge and optimizing tools for specific roles.

It will be interesting to see how the AI OG stacks up against companies that come out with their Enterprise functions in the future.

Read more: OpenAI Blog

📧 Yahoo Mail is back

Much like The Undertaker, Yahoo Mail is making a return from the dead.

Live look at Yahoo Mail, ready to make a comeback 😤 

Yahoo Mail is opening the AI treasure chest to reboot its legacy, and the classic inbox wants to be your new digital assistant powered by Google's Cloud smarts.

Here’s a list of all the things Yahoo Mail is adding:

  • Shopping Saver - Yahoo’s AI scans your inbox, digging up forgotten gift cards, promo codes, and other savings - even if you've already bought something.

  • Supercharged Search - Yahoo’s revamped search lets you ask questions or choose from handy prompts to dig out old emails quickly.

  • Writing Assistant: Pretty self-explanatory - get ready to craft the greatest “I’m on vacation, stop messaging me” emails ever seen, written with the perfect tone of voice (i.e., professional)

  • Email Summary: The AI looks through your emails to tell you what you’ve missed. Perfect for when you’re back from that vacation where you didn’t open your email once!

Overall: While we have seen these same updates from numerous other platforms, these capabilities seem like the first step for any company’s foray into AI.

With the power of AI now at their disposal, can Yahoo ever achieve the dominance it once had?

Read more: The Verge

💵 PayPal uses AI to combat fraud

Like almost every other tech company nowadays, PayPal is taking the time to add AI to its ranks and improve its service.

In an exclusive interview with The Associated Press, John Kim, Chief Product Officer of PayPal, delved into the realm of AI in payments and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

He touched on numerous things Paypal plans to do with AI:

  • Security Landscape: With AI's rise, fraud has become a sophisticated industry, creating identities and scams powered by AI. Hence, the battle to safeguard customer data has intensified.

  • AI-Driven Innovations: PayPal is embracing AI with multiple products set to launch soon. One to look forward to is a revolutionary checkout feature that employs AI to predict the correct address for each transaction, streamlining the payment process.

In a competitive landscape with giants like Apple Pay and Google Pay, PayPal's focus has shifted from scale to value proposition, ensuring that the balance between technological investment and human interaction remains intact.

Overall: As the AI era accelerates, PayPal's journey exemplifies the promises and challenges of integrating AI into the payments landscape.

Wonder which other major industries are next to be disrupted ⚡️ 

Read more: ABC News

🤑 AI Fundraising News

  1. ConverSight raises $9M in Series A funding to accelerate data analytics with generative AI.

  2. Superluminal Medicines has launched with $33 million in seed funding to accelerate the development of preclinical drug candidates from years to months.

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

What else is going on?

  1. Groundbreaking AI-Method Finds a Way to People’s Hearts

  2. AI could choke on its own exhaust as it fills the web

  3. Not just "messing with a robot": Georgia school district brings AI into classrooms, starting in kindergarten

  4. DoorDash launches AI-powered voice ordering technology for restaurants

  5. Google’s AI-powered note-taking app is the messy beginning of something great

  6. Behind the AI boom, an army of overseas workers in ‘digital sweatshops

  7. How Preply became one of the largest online language learning startups in the world

  8. SoftBank Plans AI Tour for Founders to Boost Technology Adoption

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