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PLUS: GPT-5, coming soon to browsers near you

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President Biden is going all-in on AI, GPT-5 might be coming this summer, and Google has created an AI that can predict weather disasters up to 7 days in advance…

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  • 💰 Biden goes all-in

  • 💻️ GPT-5, coming soon to browsers near you

  • ☁️ Disaster forecasting

  • 🎙️ BWAI episode ft. Phil Vander Broek and Karthik Sethuraman of Dopt

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

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In a game-changing move, the Biden-Harris administration just dealt Intel a winning hand - a preliminary $8.5 billion deal to turbocharge domestic semiconductor production. 

And in case it wasn’t clear, this is the White House going all-in on its CHIPS and Science Act to bring cutting-edge chipmaking back to America.

Here’s the tea: 

  • Over the next five years, Intel is betting over $100 billion on a semiconductor renaissance across Arizona, New Mexico, Ohio, and Oregon. 

  • This includes bleeding-edge logic fabs, advanced packaging facilities, AI-powered chip design, and the first U.S. high NA EUV lithography site.

  • This investment could create over 30,000 jobs - 10,000+ in manufacturing and nearly 20,000 in construction across Intel's multi-state revival tour. 

With leading-edge silicon fueling everything from AI to military tech, regaining semiconductor supremacy is imperative to US national security. 

Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo called the deal "one of the largest investments ever in U.S. semiconductor manufacturing." But she says there's more to come, with additional major chip deals in the pipeline for 2024. 

Big headline: OpenAI is preparing to reveal GPT-5 this summer 😲 

Sam Altman claims that this highly-anticipated, next-generation language model is “materially better” than GPT-4 and is currently undergoing thorough ethical and safety evaluations to ensure it's suitable for public use.

In addition to the improvements GPT-5 will offer in AI-assisted writing and coding, there may be some new capabilities we haven’t seen before. One such possibility is the ability to deploy AI agents to perform tasks automatically within the ChatGPT interface 👀 

Overall, the anticipation is high, and major enterprise customers who have had previews of GPT-5 are raving about its extensive capabilities.

The rule of thumb is generally to underpromise and overdeliver, but I’m feeling very overpromised right now … let’s see if OpenAI can deliver 💪 

Read more: Mashable

In a world first, Google is using the power of AI to predict river flooding up to seven days in advance, potentially saving millions of lives worldwide.

How did they achieve this?

  • They trained machine learning models to generate highly localized flood forecasts by analyzing large datasets like historical events, terrain maps, and river level readings.

  • Hundreds of thousands of simulations per area enabled Google's AI to understand patterns and make predictions.

The result?

  • Early flood warnings were sent to smartphones and maps for residents in 80 countries, impacting over 460 million people who previously had no advance notice.

  • On average, the system detects incoming floods five days in advance, with some areas receiving alerts a full week ahead.

Read more: Engadget

🎙️ BWAI episode ft. Phil Vander Broek and Karthik Sethuraman of Dopt

Hey team! ICYMI, we had the pleasure of hosting Phil Vander Broek, Co-founder and CPO, and Karthik Sethuraman, a Staff Engineer at Dopt, on the pod this week.

Catch the episode on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts today!

🤑 AI Fundraising News

  • A bunch of new Samsung AI TVs are finally available for preorder, from 8K QLED models to 77-inch OLEDs.

  • Meet Cherry, an AI shopping assistant that helps you discover products using screenshots or images.

  • Micron rises most since 2011 as AI growth boosts outlook.

  • Big tech companies are expanding their AI empires using old playbooks.

  • Synopsys says new tools help design cars, data centers faster.

  • GitHub’s latest AI tool can automatically fix code vulnerabilities.

  • ServiceNow is developing AI through a mix of building, buying, and partnering.

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

What else is going on?

  • Cleric raises $4.3M in Seed funding to provide AI-led solutions for automated infrastructure management.

  • The Browser Company raises $50M in funding to develop an "internet computer" for users, focusing on innovation and sustainability in the competitive browser market.

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