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1️⃣ The best launch since…?

In one of the greatest product launches since the iPhone, The Browser Company revealed its new AI-powered Arc browser, coming soon to Mac and Windows.

Key features include:

  • "Instant Links,” which leverage AI to streamline the process of finding specific content on the web. 

  • "Live Folders” provide users with live-updating data streams from sources of their choice, such as RSS feeds or content creators, allowing users to stay updated on relevant content without switching between multiple apps or websites.

According to CEO Josh Miller, the goal is simple: Streamline internet browsing and make it more intuitive and efficient for users. 

The company's larger vision includes Arc Explore, a tool that automates browsing journeys by using AI to generate summaries and links based on user queries.

Read more: The Verge

2️⃣ Can GPT-4 create bioweapons?

Recently, OpenAI conducted a study to test GPT -4's ability to develop bioweapons, aiming to address public concerns.

Despite worries about AI's impact on security, OpenAI's research suggests that GPT-4 poses only a “minimal risk” in this domain.

Here's the summary:

  • In the study, 100 participants, including biology experts and students, were tasked with crafting bioweapon plans using both the internet and GPT-4. 

  • Experts saw an 8.8% increase, and students experienced a 2.5% increase in accuracy and completeness when creating a bioweapon with GPT-4 compared to the internet.

  • Both of these improvements were not statistically significant to warrant any serious concern.

OpenAI's conclusion is twofold: 

  1. Access to information alone isn't enough for bioweapon creation.

  2. There's an acknowledgment that further research is needed to ensure these results are conclusive. 

I don't know about you, but it's hard to shake off the unease when OpenAI uses the word "minimal" in their statement regarding bioweapons… you’re telling me there’s a chance?! AI really is wild…

Read more: Gizmodo

3️⃣ Chief Metaverse AI Officers

The Metaverse is so 2022. 

AI's meteoric ascent has cast a shadow over the Metaverse, prompting companies to quickly pivot their focus and revamp their leadership.

Just recently, Publicis Groupe, following a failed experiment with a "chief metaverse officer," announced a €300 million ($327 million) investment in AI technology and talent.

Moreover, AI officers are emerging as the hottest new role, boasting compensation packages exceeding $1 million.

Here’s the truth: The once-dominant buzzword of earnings calls, “the Metaverse,” has officially taken a back seat.

Devices like Apple's Vision Pro headset emphasize "spatial computing" instead, and even Mark Zuckerberg, a Metaverse enthusiast, is redirecting Meta’s attention to generative AI.

This corporate reshuffling highlights the ever-evolving landscape of technology trends, emphasizing the challenge of discerning hype from reality.

Read more: Bloomberg

4️⃣ Family-friendly GPTs

It’s no shock that AI can behave erratically at times, making it very unsuitable for children to use.

To address this concern, OpenAI and Common Sense Media have joined forces to establish a kid-friendly section within OpenAI's GPT Store.

Here’s the TL;DR: 

  • By leveraging Common Sense Media's expertise in rating media for children, the collaboration aims to provide guidelines and educational resources for young users, parents, and educators. 

  • This will allow OpenAI to curate a collection of family-friendly GPTs based on Common Sense's ratings, making it easier for users to find suitable options.

Sam Altman emphasized the significant educational potential of AI, stressing the importance of teaching individuals to utilize these tools effectively for future readiness.

Read more: Engadget

5️⃣ Volkswagen is all in on AI

Car brands are becoming increasingly enamored with AI 🚗

Most recently, Volkswagen has been amplifying its presence in the AI space by launching its own AI lab, aligning itself with other tech-savvy automakers. 

Here's the tea:

  • The AI lab will serve as a hub for developing AI-powered solutions tailored to automotive advancements, focusing on optimizing electric vehicle charging, predictive maintenance, and in-car voice recognition. 

  • Volkswagen aims to offer customers a smarter driving experience while fostering collaboration with technology companies to simplify integration and enhance product offerings. 

Read more: CNBC

6️⃣ An update on Google’s AI models

I know you are probably tired of hearing about all these models, but when Google launches one, we have to talk about it 👀

  • Google just introduced ImageFX, its cutting-edge text-to-image generative AI tool, equipped with an intuitive interface featuring "expressive chips" for seamless experimentation.

  • In tandem with ImageFX, Google has revamped MusicFX and TextFX, offering faster music generation and improved usability for text manipulation.

Moreover, Google has prioritized investments in training data safety, incorporating guardrails to mitigate problematic outputs: 

  • ImageFX creations and MusicFX audio now feature SynthID digital watermarks, ensuring authenticity and traceability. 

  • ImageFX images are enriched with IPTC metadata, providing users with valuable context and information regarding the image.

Read more: Engadget

7️⃣ Government requires test results

The Biden administration is spearheading a new era of AI accountability, mandating that major AI developers report their safety test results to the government. 

The objective is clear: To guarantee AI systems adhere to safety standards before their public release. 

To achieve this, the government will establish a standardized safety assessment framework while actively pursuing legislative measures and international cooperation to regulate this technology effectively. 

This initiative reflects a proactive stance toward leveraging AI's transformative potential while prioritizing responsible and secure deployment.

Read more: ABC News

🎙️ New BWAI Episode ft. Jason Liu

Hey team! ICYMI, our latest BWAI episode featuring Jason Liu, a seasoned AI operator and consultant, is out now!

Catch this episode on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts today!

🤑 AI Fundraising News

  • Wondercraft raises $3M in Seed funding to develop a platform that allows users to add professional audio to various creative projects.

  • akirolabs raises $5M in Seed funding to provide an AI-powered SaaS platform for collaborative strategic procurement.

  • Kore.ai raises $150M in funding to deliver enhanced customer experiences, streamline business operations, and develop innovative GenAI applications.

  • Codeium raises $65M in Series B funding to improve developer productivity and reduce inefficiencies in software development.

  • Indemn raises $1.9M in Pre-Seed funding to transform how people learn about and buy insurance coverage with AI agents.

  • Kafene raises $15M in funding to provide flexible ownership solutions for prime and nonprime consumers, helping merchants grow their customer base and meet the increasing demand for durable goods.

  • DataSnipper raises $100M in Series B to analyze and summarize medical claims, offering a more efficient and accurate claims process.

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  • Krisp AI: Maximize your productivity in any meeting or call with AI-powered noise cancellation, transcription, and meeting notes. Check them out!

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