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Apple officially launched its AI features, Luma AI is entering the text-to-video generation market with Dream Machine, and Elon Musk dropped his lawsuit against OpenAI and Sam Altman.

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Here we go. 

Apple has finally embraced AI with its new "Apple Intelligence" suite of AI features that will be available for iPhones, Macs, and iPads later this year.

The headline additions include a more conversational and capable Siri that can understand context across apps, carry out multi-step tasks, and even call upon OpenAI's ChatGPT when it can't handle a request.

Here’s a quick rundown: 

  • Users will be able to create custom "Genmoji" emoji reactions on the fly and generate images via a new "Image Playground" feature. 

  • The Photos app is getting improved AI-powered search to find objects and activities in your library.

  • In a major partnership, Apple is integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT directly into its operating systems. 

  • Siri will be able to hand off requests to ChatGPT and present its responses seamlessly. ChatGPT will also power AI writing suggestions system-wide and can be used to generate images.

Overall: Apple is emphasizing privacy, claiming many AI features will run on-device when possible. For cloud processing, it's using secure "Private Cloud Compute" servers that experts can audit. Data won't be stored, and user requests remain private from Apple.

The AI features will initially roll out this fall with iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, but only on newer devices with adequate processing power.

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AI startup Luma AI is officially entering the text-to-video generation market with Dream Machine, an AI system that can generate high-quality videos in minutes based on simple text prompts.


  • Users can provide descriptive prompts, such as "a cute Dalmatian puppy running after a ball on the beach at sunset," and Dream Machine will create an incredibly realistic 5-second video clip matching that description within 2 minutes.

  • Text-to-video is cutting-edge GenAI, and Luma AI faces stiff competition from OpenAI's new Sora model, Lightricks' LTX Studio, and startups like Pika Labs and Runway. 

  • However, Dream Machine's key advantage is its open-source approach—it's available for anyone to use now, while other offerings remain limited.

  • Early beta testers praise Dream Machine's ability to faithfully render specific objects, characters, actions, and environments in coherent, fluid videos. 

  • In the future, Luma AI plans to integrate APIs and plugins with creative software.

Overall: By taking an open approach to text-to-video, Luma AI could gain a first-mover edge and build a creator community around Dream Machine in this intensely competitive space. 

Critical challenges remain around video quality, the legal usage of training data, potential misuse like deepfakes, and ethical concerns about AI displacing human creators.

But Luma AI's demos suggest it has made strides in solving the video realism problem. As GenAI rapidly progresses, Dream Machine highlights the potential to transform how new video content is produced—both the opportunities and risks involved.

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Elon Musk is tired 😂

After a months-long battle, Musk withdrew his lawsuit against OpenAI and its CEO, Sam Altman, where he accused the company of abandoning its original mission of developing AI for the benefit of humanity rather than profit.

Here’s the tea: 

  • Musk's attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit they initially filed in February in a California state court on Tuesday. 

  • No reason was provided for the dismissal, which came just before a hearing where a judge was set to consider OpenAI's bid to throw out the case.

  • The lawsuit marked the culmination of Musk's long-standing opposition to OpenAI, which he co-founded but has since become a leader in generative AI backed by billions from Microsoft. 

  • Musk had also alleged Altman and others misled him about keeping OpenAI an open-source, non-profit entity.

Overall: Musk sought to force OpenAI to make its research public and prevent it from financially benefiting Microsoft and others with technologies like GPT-4. 

OpenAI countered that the suit was incoherent and a ploy by Musk to advance his own new AI startup, Xai.

While Musk dismissed the case without prejudice, allowing him to potentially refile it, the withdrawal comes as his Xai raised $6B at a $24B valuation to compete with OpenAI and others in the heated AI race.

Bigger fish to fry, I guess 🤷

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🤑 AI Fundraising News

  • Zeta Labs raised $2.9M in pre-seed funding to create JACE, a proprietary AI agent based on LLMs that can control and perform actions in the browser like a human user would.

  • LawPro.ai raises a new round of funding to develop an AI-powered legal technology company dedicated to combining legal expertise with artificial intelligence, empowering legal professionals to work efficiently, make decisions, and deliver client outcomes.

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