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  • 🍎 Apple and Google, sitting in a tree…

🍎 Apple and Google, sitting in a tree…

PLUS: AI assistants are all the rage on Sand Hill Road

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Apple and Google are officially in cahoots, AI assistants are all the rage on Sand Hill Road, and we might have a way to combat AI-generated misinformation…

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  • 🍎 Apple and Google, sitting in a tree…

  • 📜 Quilt investment memo

  •  ℹ️ Combatting misinformation

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

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Don’t freak out - this image is from 2017, but now is as good a time as any to bring it up again 🙃 

In a strategic move reminiscent of their collaboration on Safari's search engine, Apple is now in discussions with Google to bring Gemini AI to iPhones.

This partnership aims to solidify both companies' positions in the competitive AI market, possibly integrating Gemini as a cloud-based engine for Siri and improving iPhone apps.

Simultaneously, Apple's own models could enhance the upcoming iOS 18 with in-device AI capabilities.

This collaboration could be mutually beneficial:

  • It provides Apple with something it currently lacks - an immediate GenAI solution crucial for staying relevant in the rapidly evolving tech ecosystem.

  • It also gives Google an expansive platform to display its AI advancements.

While there may be some regulatory challenges due to the tech giants' dominant market positions, the potential advantages of combining Apple's hardware expertise with Google's AI knowledge could reshape user experiences.

There is also the added benefit of taking away market share from OpenAI and Microsoft 👀

Read more: Engadget

Source: TechCrunch

Let's do this one investment memo style!


  • Lack of Adequate Resources: Today’s solutions teams play a pivotal role in B2B sales but are frequently under-resourced.

  • Time-Consuming Routine Tasks: Teams spend a significant amount of time on tasks like filling out requests for proposals and preparing for demos, detracting from customer engagement and deal-closing opportunities.

  • Risk of Inaccuracies: Using GenAI tools in sales carries the risk of hallucinations.


Quilt offers AI assistants for solutions sales teams that help with the following:

  • Workflow Automation: Frees up time by handling routine tasks like completing questionnaires and summarizing notes.

  • Technical Knowledge and Context Understanding: Incorporates technical expertise and context understanding for effective sales support.

  • Reduced Risk of Hallucinations: Differentiates between facts and enterprise data to maintain customer trust.

  • Data Privacy and Security: Respects data privacy, does not share data across organizations, and allows account and data deletion.

Why now?

  • Market corrections have led to an efficiency-driven approach, making productivity tools like Quilt relevant.

  • Sales organizations are also adopting AI to enhance interactions and automate responses, paving the way for AI assistants to take over certain parts of the sales cycle.

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Read more: TechCrunch

As election season approaches, misinformation, especially in this era of AI, poses a significant threat.

To help combat that, NewsGuard has developed a suite of AI tools designed to combat the tide of misinformation threatening to sway the 2024 election.

By augmenting its suite with services that refine AI's capacity to identify and discard election-related misinformation, NewsGuard aims to combat the misuse of the technology, especially by foreign governments, political factions, and internet trolls.

Their strategies include:

  • Increasing election misinformation “fingerprinting,”

  • Constantly updating a feed of misinformation to assist AI models in detecting and preventing the spread of false information, and

  • Aiding those models in "detecting prompts and responses that could convey misinformation."

Read more: Semafor

🤑 AI Fundraising News

  • Synch raises $3M in Seed funding to develop a platform that leverages AI to simplify Salesforce migration and implementation, and to provide predictive sales outcomes, an out-of-the-box analysis tool, a pipeline management tool, and more.

  • Carlsmed raises $52.5M in Series C funding to accelerate the commercialization of its aprevo® personalized spine surgery platform for lumbar fusion procedures and the development of aprevo® for cervical fusions, which will launch in 2025.

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

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ChatGPT and Excel - the duo you didn’t know you needed 🦸 

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