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  • 🤖 AI increasingly involved in layoff decisions 🪓

🤖 AI increasingly involved in layoff decisions 🪓

PLUS: Yesterday was President’s D(AI) 🇺🇸

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It’s been a buuuusy start to the week, but I’m so excited for all we’re working on. For context, we rolled out some big improvements to Igniter Chat this morning, and I’m wrapping up editing a Q&A interview with Amjad Masad, CEO of Replit.

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • 🪓 AI increasingly involved in layoff decisions

  • 🇺🇸 Yesterday was President’s D(AI)

🪓 AI increasingly involved in layoff decisions

During Google’s recent mass layoff of 12,000 folks, there was strong suspicion that a “mindless algorithm” was involved in making the layoff decisions, but Google denied those claims.

Even still, a January survey of 300 human resources leaders at U.S. companies revealed that 98 percent of them say algorithms will help them make layoff decisions this year.

Performance has to be the most important factor considered, but these algorithms will also include metrics that are harder to measure traditionally, such as "flight risk," will also considered.

Having algorithms involved in layoff decisions raises crucial questions about how HR departments can ensure the transparency of these decisions and that they aren’t biased against protected groups.

AI has always had a transparency problem, and making layoff decisions is one use-case where the need for transparency is dire.

I’m curious what you think about using AI in layoff decisions. Reply to this email with your thoughts, and I’ll highlight some responses on Twitter.

Read more: Washington Post

🇺🇸 Yesterday was President’s D(AI)

Yesterday, we saw some incredible applications of AI for President’s Day. Here are two of my favorites:

@ammaar used AI tools to interview former President Ronald Reagan for Presidents’ Day:

@KevinAFischer and team brought 20 of the most iconic presidents to life so you can have a totally new Presidents dAI journey:

🗞️ Byte size: AI article summaries

Disclaimer: AI is (partially) used to summarize these articles.

Why ChatGPT’s search answers are no substitute for links [Fast Company] - The author argues that generative AI search engines such as ChatGPT and Bing should focus on delivering better links for more in-depth queries, as opposed to providing direct answers. The author believes this would make web search more effective, prevent the worst kinds of SEO-bait, and allow users to filter search results to find what they are looking for. They suggest that if generative AI is applied contextually to provide better links, it could improve the overall state of web search.

Google and Microsoft are in an AI arms race – who wins could change how we use the internet [The Guardian] - Google and Microsoft are currently in a competition to develop the most advanced AI-based search engine, with Google's "Bard" and Microsoft's "Bing" being the two contenders. The development of such technology has disrupted the traditional ways of navigating the web since the 1990s, when Google became the world's largest search engine. Microsoft recently invested 10 billion dollars into OpenAI and its chatbot-enabled LLM technology, ChatGPT, to edge out Google. William Wang, director of the Centre for Responsible Machine Learning at the University of California, Santa Barbara, believes ChatGPT could be helpful for complex queries and summaries. At the same time, Julian Togelius, associate professor in AI at New York University, suggests user experimentation to explore the potential of the technology. Meanwhile, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki recently stepped down and was replaced by Neal, while YouTube and TikTok are locked in a battle for online video.

Korea’s Growth Strategy Involves 6G, AI, Nuclear Energy, Supercomputers & More [GizmoChina] - Korea's new growth 4.0 strategy involves 15 areas of focus, such as future mobility, space exploration, quantum technology, future medical technology, energy technology, AI and 6G communication networks, logistics, carbon-neutral cities, smart farms, smart grids, semiconductors, batteries, carbon-free and autonomous ships, bioscience innovation, K-culture and tourism, and huge overseas deals. The strategy also lays out goals such as flying taxis by 2025, spacecraft on the moon in 2032, a 30 percent share in the 6G market by 2030, robot and drone delivery, commercializing flying cars, precision digital map for autonomous vehicles by 2027, a 50-Qubit quantum computer by 2026, next-generation nuclear reactor development, and the opening of Korea's own Disney by 2025. The plan is expected to help boost the country's economic vitality over time.

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  • President’s D(AI) (link) - Honor and learn about your presidents by talking to them with GPT.

  • Background AI (link) - Generate AI Wallpapers in seconds.

@karenxcheng used Runway ML and other AI tools to create a low budget film.

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Automata - The smartest way to repurpose marketing content with AI.

Sidekic - Custom cover letters generated by AI

Clio Prompt Helper - A simple helper for better Stable Diffusion prompts

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