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AI might be taking over the director’s seat in Hollywood, Microsoft Teams is getting an AI makeover, and AI is accelerating drug discovery…

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  • 🎥 Is it time to set up an AI director's chair?

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The AI revolution is coming to Hollywood, but not everyone is rolling out the red carpet. 

What’s going on? 

  • OpenAI is aggressively pitching its AI video generator Sora to big-name directors, actors, and studios, offering early access as bait to "encourage filmmakers to integrate" the tool.

  • However, many creatives are giving Sora a horrible rating, fearing it could seriously impact job security. 

  • OpenAI is keeping mum about what data trained the Sora model, but suspicions are high that it was fed a diet of scraped videos and artwork without creators' consent, much like ChatGPT's training.

Why is this important? 

  • The company is already facing copyright lawsuits over alleged data piracy for its AI models. 

  • Plus, Hollywood unions have been fighting battles against AI’s intellectual property grabs like forcing actors to relinquish rights over digital likenesses.

While OpenAI released a curated list of glamoured-up "first impressions" from select creators who loved Sora's "bold" potential, many critics claim that OpenAI is seriously controlling the messaging.

Overall: As OpenAI prepares to bring Sora to the main stage, Hollywood writers, directors, and stars are ready to protest against the tool that creates whole movies out of thin air - and cuts out human creators.

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The quest to accelerate drug discovery just got a major boost from an unlikely source - Salesforce. 

One of the cloud giant's former researchers, Ali Madani, created Profluent, a start-up that aims to use GenAI to craft tailor-made protein-based medicines.

Backed by deep learning pioneer Jeff Dean and $35 million in VC funding, Profluent is training massive language models on billions of protein sequences

The goal? Reverse-engineer the entire drug development process by designing optimized proteins and gene editors from the ground up to treat specific diseases and patient needs.

This is a big pivot from the traditional trial-and-error method that takes decades and billions in R&D spending to yield a single approved treatment. 

Madani believes Profluent's AI can drastically compress those timelines by intentionally crafting therapeutic proteins with the proper biological functions.

The approach builds on Salesforce's ProGen, which uses AI to design artificial protein structures. Profluent takes it further by applying the tech to gene editing systems that could be deployed as living medicines.

Medicine discovery, sped up by AI.

I told you - AI x medicine will be the defining crossover of this generation.

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Microsoft Teams is about to get an AI makeover. 

Here’s the TL;DR: 

  • MS Teams will now incorporate Copilot to analyze meeting chat transcripts and everything that was spoken during calls to surface insights.

  • Copilot will also allow Teams users to use the message composer feature to draft the perfect message

  • Users will also get automatic call recaps that provide relevant notes and action items. 

  • Plus, intelligent camera framing will leverage CloudAI to optimize everyone's video feed to ensure transcripts and insights accurately capture who said what.

Read more: Engadget

🤑 AI Fundraising News

  • 0G Labs raises $35M in funding to develop infrastructure for AI and compute-intensive applications to run on-chain.

  • Bedrock Security raises $10M in Seed funding to enhance big data security with AI-based reasoning.

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