🖼️ AI copyright rejected

PLUS: Einstein Copilot Studio helps customize AI

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Now, let’s see what the world of AI has been up to…

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🧵 In today's edition:

  • 🖼️ AI copyright rejected

  • 🧠 Einstein Copilot Studio helps customize AI

  • 🪝 Character.ai catches up to ChatGPT

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

🤖 Top AI News

🧠 Einstein Copilot Studio helps customize AI

Salesforce continues its AI-centric year of development by unveiling Einstein Copilot Studio, a tool that allows customers to customize their Salesforce AI experience.

This tool comprises three key elements:

  • The prompt builder - users can create custom prompts to match their brand and specific business needs.

  • The skills builder for controlling Copilot's workflows - empowers companies to add actions to prompts, such as competitor analysis or objection handling.

  • The option to bring your own model - users can integrate their own models or choose from supported third-party offerings like Anthropic and Google Cloud's Vertex AI.

Salesforce also aims to address concerns like model hallucinations, biases, and inappropriate responses by introducing the "Einstein Trust Layer," assisting companies in managing security, governance, and data privacy.

Overall: Einstein Copilot Studio is set to be available in pilot this fall, with the Einstein Trust Layer becoming generally available next month, ushering in a new era of AI customization in Salesforce.

Read more: TechCrunch

🖼️ AI copyright rejected

In a groundbreaking decision, the US Copyright Office has refused to grant copyright protection to an AI-generated artwork that stirred controversy by winning a Colorado State Fair art contest.

The reason? Lack of human authorship, as required for copyright registration. The artist, Jason M. Allen, used Midjourney to create the winning piece titled Theatre D'opera Spatial, disqualifying it from receiving protection.

Not surprisingly, the copyright office has some strict rules on the involvement of human minds in creating inventions. While some argue that AI can assist artists but not replace them, others worry about the impact on ownership and originality.

This does raise some interesting questions re: the future of copyright protection:

  1. With AI on the rise, will the definition of “human involvement” change?

  2. What are the legal and ethical implications of giving awards to creations made by AI?

  3. How do ownership laws change as AI images become more popular?

One thing is for sure: This isn't the first time the Copyright Office has faced AI-generated art disputes, and it won't be the last.

Read more: Ars Technica

🪝 Character.ai catches up to ChatGPT

Character.ai, the AI character creation app backed by a16z, is making heads turn in the mobile app space:

  • It boasts 4.2 million monthly active users on iOS and Android in the U.S.

  • Its May 2023 launch garnered over 1.7 million installs in its first week.

While mobile app retention rates often hover around 3% to 4% after 30 days, Character.ai has successfully retained a significant portion of its early adopters. The app caters to a younger audience, with nearly 60% of its web traffic coming from 18- to 24-year-olds.

Character.ai's mobile-first approach has resonated with users who prefer building and interacting with AI characters on their mobile devices, setting it apart from competitors like Perplexity.ai, Midjourney, Anthropic, and Bard, drawing in fewer users from the 18- to 24-year-old age group.

Moreover, Character.ai's focus on entertainment rather than academic or research assistance has contributed to its summer usage stability. Although the website saw a slight dip in traffic during the summer, the adoption of Character.ai's iOS and Android apps made up for it.

Overall: While it's yet to be seen whether Character.ai will maintain its popularity, its innovative approach to AI character creation has already significantly impacted the mobile app landscape.

Read more: TechCrunch

🤑 AI Fundraising News

Druid, a conversational AI platform for enterprises that integrates with ChatGPT, raises $24 million in a Series B round of funding.

English learning platform ELSA lands $22.5M in Series C funding to help launch ELSA AI Tutor, a voice-based AI tutor that helps learners improve their pronunciation, grammar, and tone through generative AI.

🗞️ AI Quick-Bytes

What else is going on?

  1. Coke’s latest mystery flavor is here. It’s created by AI

  2. Snowflake CEO says people will soon not be able to remember a world without AI

  3. AI-Powered ‘Thought Decoders’ Won’t Just Read Your Mind—They’ll Change It

  4. Palantir Among First Tech Firms to Promise White House They Won’t Use AI for Evil

  5. Advocates urge Chuck Schumer to tackle AI’s climate impact

  6. Another group of writers is suing OpenAI over copyright claims

  7. AI-powered hand test may be used to rate Parkinson’s severity

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