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  • 🤖 An AI bot to help you find AI tools? 🤔

🤖 An AI bot to help you find AI tools? 🤔

PLUS: OpenAI shares transparent blog about bias concerns ⚖️

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Greetings, fellow humans. 👋

This is Not A Bot - the newsletter about AI that was definitely not written by AI. I’m Haroon, founder of AI For Anyone, and I share the latest news, tools, and resources from the AI space.

Happy Friday! As you know, we shipped something big earlier this week. But we wanted to end this week with another big release. 😉 

Check out the first headline below for more details!

🧵 In today's edition:

  • 🤖 An AI chatbot for finding AI tools

  • ⚖️ OpenAI shares transparent blog about bias concerns

  • ICYMI: 🗣️ NAB Expert Q&A: May Habib - CEO, Writer

🤖 An AI chatbot for finding AI tools??

What if there was an AI chatbot to help you find the right AI tool for the job? 🤔

Well, now there is!

Introducing Igniter Chat: the AI chatbot for finding AI tools

Search across 1000+ AI tools to find the best one for whatever task you have at hand.

Some of my favorite queries:

- "let me chat with Steve Jobs"

- "help me come up with blog post topics to write about"

- "help me come up with a children's story"

Igniter Chat is in beta, so we'd love for you to try it out and let us know what you think! 👇️ 

⚖️ OpenAI shares transparent blog about bias concerns

OpenAI has seen a fair share of user complaints about bias in their products, especially ChatGPT.

In response, they issued a highly transparent blog post explaining why tools like ChatGPT may contain bias, and what they’re doing to address these concerns.

Here’s the tl;dr from OpenAI:

  • ChatGPT's behavior is shaped by data that is not explicitly programmed but is instead learned from a broad range of sources.

  • Their fine-tuning process is supervised by human reviewers who use guidelines to rate the model outputs.

  • The company is committed to addressing biases and is researching ways to make the fine-tuning process more understandable and controllable.

  • They are also working to ensure that access to, benefits from, and influence over AI and AGI are widespread, and are investing in research and engineering to reduce potential biases.

  • They are also soliciting public input on topics like system behavior, disclosure mechanisms, and deployment policies.

Despite all the bias concerns, you have to give it to OpenAI for stepping up to the plate and addressing these concerns head-on.

Here’s to hoping for continued transparency from them (and other AI companies).

Read more: OpenAI Blog

ICYMI: 🗣️ NAB Expert Q&A: May Habib - CEO, Writer

Yesterday, we released a Q&A with Writer CEO, May Habib, about Writer’s foundational models release and the future of the content marketing space.

During our chat, we discussed:

  • How companies can leverage Writer's foundational models

  • Why Writer created own models instead of training on top of generic ones

  • The future of content marketing

Here’s a snippet from the conversation:

Check out the full Q&A here: 🗣️ NAB Expert Q&A Series: May Habib

🗞️ Byte size: AI article summaries

Disclaimer: AI is (partially) used to summarize these articles.

Elon Musk, who co-founded firm behind ChatGPT, warns A.I. is ‘one of the biggest risks’ to civilization [CNBC] - Elon Musk has warned that artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest risks to civilization, pointing to ChatGPT, a generative AI tool developed by OpenAI, as illustration of the advanced state of AI. Musk believes that AI must be regulated, as it is a bigger risk than cars, planes, or medicine, and he established OpenAI in part because he felt that Google was not paying attention to AI safety. There is now a battle between Google and Microsoft, with Google releasing a rival tool, Bard, in response to ChatGPT, as investors question whether ChatGPT will threaten Google's dominance in web search.

🔥 Trending tools & resources (powered by Igniter.ai)

  • Coda AI (link) - Coda is releasing a set of powerful AI capabilities for their productivity tool. Looks incredible tbh!

  • Hall-E (link) - helps you search info, gather engagement insights, and automate actions in your community.

  • GeniusSheets (link) - Ask questions and create instant visualizations from any internal database or software your team uses.

Just added to Igniter.ai 🔥

  • Gling - Automated video editing for YouTubers

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