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PLUS: AI tech helps patients catch disease early and ‘reverse their biological age’

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  • 🎾 Advantage, AI

  • 🤝 Marketers love AI

  • 🚗 AI Could Design Future Toyota Vehicles

  • 🤑 AI Fundraising News

🤖 Top AI News

🎾 Advantage, AI

This year’s Wimbledon won’t have Federer or Nadal. But you can bet your bottom dollar it will have AI.

Wimbledon is shaking things up this year by partnering with IBM to offer AI-generated commentary and captions for online highlights videos during the tournament.

IBM’s Watson AI was trained on "the unique language of tennis" and will be the star of the show, analyzing data such as ball-tracking, player-tracking, and types of shots to produce natural language commentary in real-time.

What does this mean? Fans can expect more in-depth commentary and statistical breakdowns of what is happening in the game, allowing casual fans to be just as entertained as the veterans.

Why is this important: Introducing AI-powered commentary marks a significant step forward in sports broadcasting.

Wimbledon's decision to incorporate AI reflects the growing trend of utilizing cutting-edge technology in the sports industry and is a step towards generating AI commentary on full matches.

Read more: The Guardian

🤝 Marketers love AI

Bynder, a digital asset management platform, recently surveyed its clients - including the likes of Spotify, Five Guys, and Puma - to see how marketing teams use AI tools to “enhance their content production processes.”

The results found that 55% of respondents currently use AI tools in content production processes. Of those:

  • 54% use it to create first drafts

  • 43% use it to optimize their content

  • 42% use it for spelling and grammar (shout out to Grammarly!)

  • 38% use it for paraphrasing and summarization

  • 30% use it to recycle content

  • 27% use it for creating a tone of voice in their writing

  • 25% use it for content governance

  • 25% use it for translation tasks

Looking at these numbers, it seems marketers are keen to use AI tools to improve workflows, help reduce workload and boost productivity.

Experts also project that the advanced algorithms allowed by cutting-edge chatbots could eventually be used for:

  • Personalized tasks, such as adapting website content according to browsing histories

  • Helping users navigate through company websites.

It’s still important to note that AI systems such as ChatGPT are not to replace human creativity but to free up more time for teams to focus on creative and strategic tasks.

Brings me back to this quote by Nicolas Cole:You do the "thinking." Tell AI how to "do the doing."‘

Read more: Yahoo Finance

🚗 AI Could Design Future Toyota Vehicles

Toyota, the maker of the best-selling compact car of all time, is considering incorporating AI in the early stages of vehicle design.

Toyota Research Institute (TRI) created a system that will use text prompts to provide the AI with parameters, such as cabin dimensions, ride height, and stylistic requirements, which will generate possible design iterations without affecting complex engineering and safety concerns.

Important to note: Human designers will still have the final say.

Overall: It goes back to what we said in the story above. These tools and AI innovations are all moving towards one thing - efficiency.

This AI system is being created as a helping hand, rather than a replacement, for designers, with the hope that they can “spend more time on the part of the design process that they enjoy the most and can add the most value.”

P.S.: Check out this research paper from TRI about the drag-guided diffusion models Toyota used for this project.

Read more: Motor 1

🤑 AI Fundraising News

Captions raises $25M in Series B Funding to help creators leverage AI to streamline the content creation process by offering a comprehensive creator platform for producing high-quality videos directly from mobile devices.

Outbound AI Completes $16M Funding to provide conversation AI built for healthcare through cloud technologies.

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What else is going on?

  1. US-based generative AI job postings up 20% in May

  2. AI tech aims to help patients catch disease early, even ‘reverse their biological age.’

  3. Japanese schools to be allowed limited use of generative AI

  4. Research suggests AI can predict political views based on facial analysis, raising privacy concerns

  5. Phil Spencer, Xbox chief, on AI: “I’m protective of the creative process.”

  6. The people paid to train AI are outsourcing their work… to AI

  7. SoftBank’s Vision Fund to Start Job Cuts as Soon as This Week

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